Ever thought about watching a movie in a forest with your friends or significant other? Cine & Foret is a new initiative for people looking to try something new–or something green? “Cine and Foret” hall is allegedly modeled after a “nature” concept.

In the “Forêt”

Inside the theater, the walls are aligned with Scania Moss, to imitate a forest along with scents from oxygen concentrators and scent machines. Everything is green here, even the lobby area and a mini bar with the sounds of birds and waterfalls – something which JCGV ensures to make you feel refreshed. Speaking of refreshed, you will be served with a bottle of Evian mineral water, snacks and a blanket (all complimentary) inside. You can order food from the menu before you enter the cinema yet no alcoholic options.


The seating arrangement is also very different from typical movie theaters. In lieu of rows and rows of back-stiffening seating style most common in conventional movie theaters, the seats at “Cine and Foret” are taking a new approach – 36 hygiene leather bean bags. When it comes to cabanas, there are only four for couples exclusively in the back with a small table and two pillows, plus stringy drapes for a special kind of privacy.  

Waiting Area

Hopefully, this allows the audience to be in a reclining position on bean bags that are provided as seating, giving one the impression of watching the movie while lying on the grass. Ohh … they provide a FREE WiFi.

Ticket prices: 

2D movie – Bean Bag: 18,000 Kyats, Cabana: 45,000 Kyats

3D movie – Bean Bag: 20,000 Kyats, Cabana: 50,000 Kyats

Address: 5th floor, Junction City Mall, Bogyoke Rd, Pabedan Township, Yangon

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Min Pyae Sone is an undergraduate student writing about Myanmar art and culture. He was a former Editorial Assistant at Myanmore.


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