Here are the two famous festivals happening in Mandalay, Myanmar this month.

1Taung Pyone Festival

Taung Pyone is a religious site where two brothers were executed and turned into high spirits or Nats. This festival in their honours is attended by tens of thousands of mediums and worshippers to pay homage to these deities. The festival is celebrated for about 12 days. It takes 45 minutes or so by car or motorbike from downtown Mandalay to reach the festival. Expect a heavy festive traffic. 

Date: 31st July – 7th August
Location: Taung Pyone Gyi Village, Mattaya Township, Mandalay

2O-Poke Festival

On the fifth month of the Burmese year (August); also the 8th day of the waxing moon; the O-Poke Pwae Taw or Taung Pyone Festival (The Burmese Clay Pot Toy Festival or the Burmese Toy Pot Stealing Festival) is annually celebrated at the foot hill of the mountain in O-Poke city of Mandalay.

Date: August 18th to the 20th
Location: Aung Myay Thar Zan, O-Bo Ward, Mandalay 

Tips on Hotels in Mandalay

Here are a tips of recommended hotels you can stay in during the two festivals:

  • Ned Kelly Hotel and Irish Pub
  • Mercure Mandalay Hill Resort
  • Hilton Mandalay
  • The Link 78 Mandalay Boutique Hotel


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