Are you willing to help people who indeed needs help? Like the saying goes, “We can’t help everyone but somebody can help someone”. Volunteering worldwide is a thing but in Yangon? Don’t worry, you just need a strong will and determination to do what you love to do. Check out these places in Yangon where you can literally help out to put smiles on lovely faces.

Thabarwa Centre

Thabarwa (Natural) was established by Ashin Ottamasara, the abbot of the centre, in 2007, with only one purpose–anyone can do good deeds as he or she wishes to help others. The sanctuary houses more than 2,400 yogis including aged persons, sick, infirm, blind, deaf, disabled, mental cases, homeless and helpless. Volunteers can donate anything; skills, time, energy, labor, money and materials to gain merit and practice meditation for a worthy cause, and to look after the welfare of the refugees at Thabarwa Center where people can practice Dhamma without worry.

Location: Thanlyin Pagoda Hill, between Kyite Khauk Pagoda and East Yangon University, Thanlyin Township, Yangon 
Phone: 05 622 707, 09 7303 0736

The Mary Chapman School for the Deaf

What could be more fun than interacting with children? At Mary Chapman, you could choose to paint the walls or learn the Mary Chapman sign language and teach them or read them stories. When you have decided to volunteer, keep in mind that you would have to be committed to working for at least 100 hours. Either way, it is definitely worth the time.

Location: No.2, Thantaman Street, Dagon Township, Yangon
Phone: 01 221 872

Kyimyindine School for Blind

Try your hand at teaching the visually impaired at this school. You could help out as a Language teacher or as other vocational subjects teacher such as an art teacher. If you are not very confident in your teaching skills, you could also help them with other services like giving haircuts or washing their hair. If you don’t have time to actively take part in helping them out, you could always donate some money or food to the school.

Location: No. 132, Pan Bin Gyi Street, Kyimyindine Township, Yangon
Phone: 01 931 7070

Eden center for disabled children

Eden is a place where children with disabilities, their parents and friends can experience love, care, have confidence. In this center, you will get the chance to teach and lend a helping hand to those with physical and intellectual disabilities. Take this chance to spread some care and love by helping children through rehabilitation, education and other social services.

Location: No.56, War Oo 4th Street, Phawkan Quarter, Insein Township, Yangon
Phone: 09 4312 0885

Yangon Animal Shelter

The Yangon Animal Shelter is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue and care of stray animals. You can volunteer by interacting with the dogs and giving them care and attention. Donate some money for food and shelter. They love it! Or you could also help as a flight volunteer and help send adopted dogs to their destinations abroad. Just drop them a line!

Location: KM 7.4 Naypyidaw Highway, Ah Myan Lan, Yangon
Phone: 09 4253 11790

Hnin Si Gone nursing home

If you like taking care of old people, hence the name, you should definitely give this place a visit. The residents at Hnin Si Gone are 70 years and beyond, some in the nineties nearing the century mark. To take care of their personal needs and worries, the management team channels generous donations from the public. So if you want to be the cause of someone’s happiness for the day, why not come here and make that happen? 

Location: 21, Kaba Aye Pagoda Rd., Shwe Taung Gyar Ward (2), Bahan Township, Yangon
Phone: 01 552 906

KT Care foundation

KT Care is a non-profit foundation working to improve the lives of people in Myanmar, who are facing hardships and unable to receive the help they need in an emergency. They provide those in need not only through health, but also through charity and relief projects and education. Here you can volunteer by taking part in their current programs or by advocating and fundraising activities in your own communities. 

Location: A4-A5, Anawrahta Complex, Pyay Road, Yangon
Phone: 01 527 516, 09 4934 3378



    I don’t recomend foregners to visit and help in Thabarwa because the experience I had in that centre was nasty and nobady was responsable for what happened. I went to help pacients and I did it but nobody told me the risck you are expouse there. managers and long term volunteers hide the basic important information to know, that FOREGNERS ARE IN HIGLY RISCK TO BE ROBBED ANYWHERE IN THABARWA specially in the dininghall. i felt hunt by the robbers around and actually my husband got robbed, he lost passport money and nobody care about it. Foregners have been robbed many many times but the people encharged to registre you say nothing…why? Then in the tour to see the centre again… no information…why? And when the things happened the long term volunteers Say: ooou!!! yes, foregners has been robbed in the dining hall many many times … WHAT!!! Why You hide that information? I think that is a Very irresponsable way to manage this centre…Above all. Nobody Say that stay in Thabarwa as a tourist is ILEGAL! …why? Why to broke the Law in a BUDDHIST centre? Why to expouse people to awful experiences …to gain mérit? But what mérit the managers an long term volunteers do hiding the Truth? It is not a budists etic that is practicar un that centre for the people to manage it. I AM very disapointed of Thabarwa institution that is not a meditation Center at all.


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