“Tom N Toms. Our first thought was “it must be a small cafe”. Boy were we proven wrong.

What It Is:

Tom N Toms, originally from South Korea, is the resident cafe yet not quite well known inside Kantharyar Center. This was the first shop we noticed the moment we stepped in, as it was actually quite big.

The Atmosphere:

The exterior was surrounded with dark glasses and that let out a futuristic vibe. But once you enter the shop, you would be encircled by a completely different one. The simple lighting casts a dim glow over the whole interior of the place and this gave out a sense of quaintness, complemented by its wooden tables and walls. We made our way towards the counter, not before we were cheerfully greeted by the friendly waitress at the entrance counter.

If you aren’t already hungry, I bet your trip to the counter certainly will prove otherwise; they had showcased the contents of their menu. After we had ordered, we took our seats by the glass windows where we were awed by a beautiful view of Kandawgyi Lake and the Karawake which would look even better when the sun goes down.


Shortly after we sat down, the Honey Butter Bread (4,800Ks) and a mug of Cafe Mocha (4,200Ks) were served. The bread is certainly something we would recommend for those with a sweet tooth. What unique about it was how they sprinkle coffee powder and cinnamon on the cream on top of the honey-covered bread. But, to be honest, it was a bit too sweet for our taste. To my relief, the bitterness of the Cafe Mocha was blended wonderfully with the gradually-becoming-overwhelming sweetness of the bread. We were also satisfied with its cost as it was reasonable enough for a large mug of Mocha which had its foam skillfully crafted into the shape of a leaf. The warmth of the coffee will surely make you feel cozy after a damp walk in the rain.

Sandwich Combination Set (7,000Ks).

However, if you would prefer something not as sweet, we suggest you try out the Sandwich Combination Set (7,000Ks) — a perfect choice for breakfast, lunch or even brunch. The sandwich set was served to us sometime after our first order which came with two pieces of sandwich, a veggie salad, and some fries with tomato sauce. The sandwich itself was just like a Club sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes, ham but no cheese and eggs.

Service-wise, we noticed that only the cashier was affable and attentively waiting to serve. However, I personally think that the staff was not very skilled yet. To elaborate, we had ordered the sandwich set which should’ve come with a separate cup of coffee, which they had forgotten to give. To give them the benefit of the doubt, they probably had gotten it mixed up with the Mocha we ordered earlier. Despite this ‘hiccup,’ we found the staff very attentive and I suppose that their mistakes would be due to how new this cafe is.

While we were eating, we took a good look around the whole place and saw students and employees engrossed in their own work and discussions. We also noticed that there were power sockets in the walls and under some seats and a good WiFi. So if you happen to be looking for an exquisite place to relax and somewhere to enjoy with your friends and family, we don’t think that this would be the right stall for you.

Final Thoughts:

To summarize, we would love to come back here to study and do our work just for good wifi, a cozy atmosphere, a nice warm sandwich and a mug of coffee.

Address: Ground floor, Kantharyar Centre, Kan Yeik Thar Road, Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township, Yangon
Tel: 09 961 213241
Hours: 9 am – 9 pm


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