Ms. Moe Thel Phyu sets up shop on the side of the famous tourist hub, Bogyoke Market, to sell what she’s been selling for almost 10 years. Ms. Moe, in her late 30s, tells me with a warm smile that her Mote Bine Daunt (Burmese rice pasta seasoned with sesame) is the best in the market.

Ms. Moe and her bunch of Myanmar snack vendors operate out of a Hijet truck parked amidst the rows and rows of severely heated cars, all of which are uninhabited. Her friends were selling the more popular variety of Burmese snacks–along with the likes of Sagu Pearls with milk and the classic Burmese pancake, Bane Mote.

The simple yet delicious Mote Bine Daunt is slowing losing its status among the locals and most visitors don’t even know what it is! The dish is put together harmoniously with rice (sometimes with or without beans), oil, salt, sesame, and coconut shavings. The sponginess of the rice is amped up by the well-balanced seasoning, and the sweet and creamy flavor of the coconut shavings.

Ms. Moe tells me, “Even though the end result may be simple, the process most definitely is not.” She first cooks the rice, just so it’s shapeable and the inside not so cooked. She then proceeds on boiling the rice, so the rice is cooked thoroughly. The cooked strings of mote bine daunt are then drizzled with vegetable oil to prevent them from sticking together—and also for an enhanced flavor. All served with a sprinkle of fined sesame plus salt and a heap of coconut shavings.

Even though you could enjoy this treat at a high-end Burmese restaurant, I recommend all you dear readers to support Ms. Moe by finding your way through the hectic cobblestone paths of Bogyoke Market, maybe even getting lost in the process. When you do find the snack truck and finally get your hands on some Mote Bine Daunt, it makes the whole journey a lot more salty, sweet and creamy.

When: Opens from 12:30 am
Where: Near the exit of the parking lot, Bogyoke Market.
How much: 500mmk – 1000mmk depending on your appetite.

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Min Pyae Sone
Min Pyae Sone is an undergraduate student writing about Myanmar art and culture. He was a former Editorial Assistant at Myanmore.


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