Of all the fruit, mango is the best; of all the meat, pork; and of all the leaves, laphet. Cultivating tea leaves has been part of Myanmar’s history for a long time and it has become a part of Myanmar’s culture where people drink laphet tea (which they call Yay Nway Chan). Here are some organic brands.

*Do note that this is also the laphet from the famed tea leaf salad or laphet thoke served at most tea shops around Yangon.

U Kar Kar Tea

As a traditional organic company since 1928, U Kar Kar is a family-owned business based in Mandalay. It distributes affordable and high-quality tea (green tea, black tea, and jasmine tea) and is well-known among people in Yangon. It is also one of the most innovative brands here in Myanmar with its products ranging from simple dry laphet to laphet kaw pyant. You can find them in City Mart, Ocean, and Marketplace outlet in and out Yangon.

Location: 32, Sint Oh Dan St., Lower Block, Latha, Yangon
Phone: 01-226457, 09-5088664

Maw Shan Tea

Maw Shan Tea distributes tea, cultivated from Pindaya, Shan State. Formerly established as a small tea trading company in Pindaya,1985, it has now moved into Yangon as a tea distribution company distributing its products all throughout Myanmar since 2008. It is mainly approved for its full green tea flavor and aromatic smell. You will be able to buy this in Marketplace outlets.

Location: No.340, Baydar Street, Mingalardon Township, Yangon, Myanmar
Phone: 09 4317 7709, 09 7968 17779

Miphayar Tea

Miphayar tea is most credible for its exports to EU countries such as Czech Republic, France, and Germany. Produced by one of the first organic tea producers in Myanmar, Shwe Panlaw Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Miphayar Tea, for now, is not yet in Yangon but is sold in small retail shops in cities such as Taunggyi and Mandalay. Given that it is organically produced without the use of pesticides or chemicals you may certainly go buy it in a retail shop when you go traveling to other places outside Yangon.

Location: Shwe Panlaw Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Zayan Panlaw Ward 10, Zayanngyi Village tract, Panlaung Se-Administrative Zone, Namshan Township, Shan State
Phone: 09 3313 4124
Website: shwepanlaw.com

Khaya Tea

Launched in 2018, they work closely with farmers in Pindaya, Shan state and also help them to produce organic tea. Despite the length of time it will take to cultivate them, they are confident that the organic version of tea produced in the Shan highlands would be as good as any tea around the world. Khaya Tea, with its main products being oolong tea, red tea, and green tea, has now reached the shelves of Marketplace. What’s most exciting about this brand is that it has recently launched a product, that is, the “lapenade,” a lapenade made with laphet that might go well as a spread on bread or as a salad topping.

Location: No. 10 Suite 3, Golden Valley Road, Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
Phone: 09 4048 81171, 09 8990 66006
Website: khayabrew.com

Organic Shan Green Tea by Hla Day

Support Hla Day, a non-profit social enterprise and support the livelihoods of Myanmar artisans who are struggling to overcome disability, exclusion, and poverty. Here they have managed to produce their own brand of green tea that is distributed straight from Ywar Ngan Township, Shan State. The dry tea they sell was made on the same day the fresh leaves were collected and this boosts the quality of the tea produced. What’s more the companies from Ywar Ngan which distributes its dry tea to Hla day is said to follow the guidelines set by the European Union making it qualify as a purely organic product. It is also packaged with local Shan fabrics.

Location: 81 Pansodan Street, 1st Floor, (middle-lower block), Yangon, Myanmar
Phone: 09 452 241 465
Website: hladaymyanmar.org

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

An online business, Wellness Market, sells health and wellness products. And among its products is the Butterfly Pea Flower Tea. Unlike the common laphet tea, this tea is made from dried Butterfly Pea Flower blossoms. When the dried blossoms are steeped in warm or hot water, the color of the tea turns into a bluish hue. Other then its unique color, butterfly pea flower tea has properties beneficial to health, hence the shop’s name. The tea is said to have antioxidants which lower blood cholesterol levels, combats premature aging, alleviates pains and headaches, helps with common eye issues, revitalizes the brain and also fights internal inflammation. But it is recommended for pregnant mothers to ask for doctor’s advice before drinking this.

Location: Wellness Market Facebook Page
Phone 09 9678 98887
Website: www.facebook.com/wellnessmarketWM

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