The first Myanmar Women Leaders program took place in Europe, founded by Pyit Thiri Thaw of Myanmar Financial Center and led by Daw Anna Sui Hluan as patron. Three cities were visited – Munich, Zurich and Milan – representing three different countries and three different cultures.

The idea of the arranged meetings and activities was to expose the delegates to improve the effectiveness as leaders and ability to make an impact in Myanmar though both trainings and inspirational meetings with other leaders. Important part was also the social activities for bonding and bringing the women closer together, because as Thiri said: It’s only by working together we can really impact and achieve great things.

In Germany the Myanmar Women Leaders met with the inspiring leader Regine Sixt of Sixt, who was energy personalised; Prof Roland Berger, who inspired by just being present and joining the lunch; and the very competent female senior vice presidents of TUM Technische Universität München who shared their research and work. Audi hosted the group for a day and introduced three models – A5, A6 and A8L; and The Avenue took the opportunity to also show of Hugo Boss flagship store in Stuttgart.

In Zurich it was full speed for two days. Four meetings were covered on the first day with insights from Daniel Schmutz, the CEO of Helsana Insurance, Rochus Mommartz, CEO of responsAbility Investments and Reto Ringger, CEO of Globalance Bank. A visit was also made to the head office of Blick, a Swiss German-language daily newspaper, published by Ringier in Zurich, to get into the core of digital media developments. The common thread in all these meetings was the importance, no matter the industry, to invest in the future and an organisations commitment and responsibility to also do good for its employees and society at large. The CEOs of all these organisations also showed a remarkable humbleness, being down to earth, and very passionate in making a difference for the organisation, industry and society. The second day was a full day training with Dr Martin Hilb at St Gallen University. The topic was “New Corporate Governance and the Female Board Pool“, and with Dr Martin Hilb it was covered by a globally recognised expert in the area. For the group of women leaders, this workshop raised awareness of important topics such as succession management and the benefits of ensuring good governance of their companies.

Arriving in Milan the first day was an inspiring visit to the Bvlgari factory, seeing the inside of how this luxury brand work and its vision. This was especially inspiring for the young jeweler Zin Thae Naing of Art & J Collection. The final day of the trip discussed gender equality with Sandra Mori, President of VALORE D and Ms Donatella Sciuto, Executive Vice Rector of The Polytechnic University of Milan and ended with a ceremony at the University.

All in all, the Myanmar Women Leaders program was a success. Thiri’s passion managed to bring together women leaders from different backgrounds and industries, and led by Daw Anna Sui Hluan, second lady of Myanmar, she emphasised the importance of Myanmar women coming together to also train themselves to make a difference in their companies and industries and working together to create impact for Myanmar.
After these 10 days, people across Europe will talk about the 12 beautifully dressed women who took them with storm, showing energy and commitment to make a difference, and inspiring women across the world.


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