Yangon has seen many differently themed bars over the years. Some quietly disappears without a mark while others thrive. Radio Bar as appeared as the most talked-about drink spots in Yankin township but what is it all about?

The front of the restaurant is decorated as a big radio yet it looks shady especially at night due to the narrow and dark entrance to the two-storey building. As we walk in, there is a brightly-lit and peaceful dining room before the main hall with the stage at its front which gives us a theatrical atmosphere.

The signature cocktails are priced at 6,000 Kyats – a bit pricey yet worth every penny. Old Skool Calling, everyone’s favourite, made with whiskey, hazelnut syrup and fresh lemon juice is one of the best I have tried in the city– a strong taste forming a sweet flavour that lingers around.

Out of two signature beer cocktails on the menu, Beer O’ Clock is also quite strong. Served with mint leaves and a skewer of red grapes, this beer cocktail is refreshing and definitely a go-to for beer enthusiasts to sip on. A tip here: don’t overestimate your alcohol tolerance while drinking as they are all pretty strong!

The food menu is well-organized with helpful guidance through sections such as “Wine and Beer Match” and “Alcoholic Prefer”, paving the way for different kinds of drinkers. Most of the popular snacks for drinking such as Kan-Soon-Plain (fried water spinach) and others can be found. The Classic Smoked Pork Neck priced at 5,500 Kyats is extraordinarily soft and juicy even on the inside of the meat. The sauce goes well on it — a must-try dish.

For 5,000 Kyats, you can enjoy Radio Variety Tempura, one of their signature snacks with a drop of childhood nostalgia for the night. As it is a big serving good enough for a small group of friends, these local fried tempura are crispy and tasty although a little dry and light, which isn’t necessarily bad. The local crispy gourd fritters ( aka Buthi-Kyaw) with cocktail drinks sounds like a strange combination but you will be surprised! The fried banana chips are too tiny to taste, but the delicious fried pennywort in the dish makes up for it.

Last but not least, Radio Bar is one of the few drinking spots with a live band worth listening to – they play classic Burmese tunes every day starting from 7:30 pm.

Address: 24 Aung Zeya street, Yankin Township, Yangon
Phone: 09 44255 5584
Opens 5pm – 12am


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