What is it A hidden gem in Botataung that’s excellent value for money. Soi 46 stands out with a Thailand style foot massage in a relaxing, clean environment. The interior design is well thought through and simple in a good way, with low light and chairs lined up along both walls it is clear this is all about delivering good foot massage. Relaxing music in the low light setting makes it easy to unwind, and with no chatting the sound-level is low. Overall a great place to visit an afternoon and escape the chaos.

What do you get? The foot massage starts with a foot bath before the enthusiastic masseuse gets to work on your feet, calves and thighs, working out aches and pains also using a hand tool for your pressure points. The massage ends with a hand, shoulder and neck massage. For the 1.5 and two hour packages a head and facial massage is included.

Plus points The pleasant environment enables you to fully relax. It is quiet and clean with a nice scent and soft music. The head and facial massage is a nice addition to the foot massage.


  • 1 Hours 6,000 Kyat ( includes foot massage, shoulder, neck)
  • 1.5 hours 9,000 Kyat (includes foot massage, shoulder, neck, head, face)
  • 2 hours 12,000 Kyat (includes foot massage, shoulder, neck, head, face)

Address: No.132, 46th Street (Upper block), Botahtaung Township, Yangon
Ph:09 4289 83331‬


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