Since the beginning of ACID, one of the pioneer rap groups of Myanmar, the local underground hip-hop scene has been usually packed with lyrics on the street, rap battles to boost one’s egos, girls, parties and whatnot. As it is growing and blooming, many young artists have been met their endeavours passed the struggles and efforts.

“I came across a song with strong criticism on the education system of my country,” said Kaung Myat Thaw who goes by the name Floke Rose. He called out the corruption with rock-hard lyricism and the clear message delivered to the audience by the song named Education a few months ago.

As a simple appearance but a rather complex personality and a fine young man – “I’m usually a lone wolf, I didn’t involve with the hip-hop group or artists”, he gushes.

When he blew up in a short amount of time, he tried to represent the generation of students who relates to every word he sang in the song. And as unique and emphatic as it is, he became the winner of “Voice of the Youth 2017”.

Later his mixtape “The Mental Masturbation” became recognized by fans shortly after the release of “Pat Win Kyin (The Environment)” – the promo track. Its catchy melodic hook, powerful lyrical expressions and relatable content captured the crowd’s attention whenever he performs it on the stage.

“I’ve been making music since I was in Grade 10, back then I used to say what I thought was right, But now I talk about what should be talked about with greater consciousness”, he admits.

Because of his music style unlike most of the artists out there, his accurate lyrics are what make him different and stand out from others. He rapped about child labour, his point of view on religions and the struggles of the youth nowadays in his mixtape.

Apparently, the inspiration to his songs could come from anywhere. “I usually listen to the oldie Burmese songs”, he said, “Sometimes I just shuffle the songs and listens to what shows up in the playlist”.

According to what he says, his new album is on the way now. As an artist who doesn’t want to be labelled under a genre, the album will be fashioned with a diversity of music styles such as mumble raps and a touch of retro vibes as well. Interesting, isn’t it?

Check out his music page on Facebook.


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