Obviously Chinese culture has a huge impact on Yangon and its food as there are plenty of Chinese restaurants here, there and everywhere; some casual, some lavish. Yet when it comes down to the fare, the Toh Lim Chinese Restaurant orchestrates the Oriental tradition with modern artistic taste.

Located on the 14th floor of the LOTTE Hotel, Toh Lim Chineses restaurant offers authentic Cantonese cuisine with a photograph view of Yangon and Inya lake together. Sophisticated, classic and modern — the restaurant sets in a foyer with small chambers titled in the names of China’s enormous districts.

We were offered to “Hong Kong” where you can emerge into the spectacular views of Inya lake in a private room. The starter was the Deep Fried Dragon Ball (US$ 6) — crispy, filled with chicken and comes with chili sauce and paste which was simple and savour.

The Steamed Shrimp with Three Color Dumpling (US$ 6).

The Steamed Shrimp with Three Color Dumpling (US$ 6) followed next, giving the full taste of shrimp in sweet flavor, each packed with veggies, lesser oil and mushy. Then the Fried Chicken with Garlic Sauce (US$ 11) was appetizing because of its crispy fried chicken with chillies and veggies. This one spices up slightly, but not rich which comes with a big plate at least for four people to delight.

Braised Dongpo Pork (US$ 16).

One of the featured items of May is the Braised Dongpo Pork (US$ 16) that serves in a steamed pumpkin vessel. The imported Thai meat was cooked decent, soft served with fried mustard.

Noodle Soup with Seafood and Vegetable in Rich Broth (US$ 13).

Here comes my favorite one, the Noodle Soup with Seafood and Vegetable in Rich Broth (US$ 13) filled up my tummy with yummy combination of soup and homemade noodles together with prawns, octopus, clams, mussels, mushrooms and veggies – flavourful!

For those who still needs of more savour, Toh Lim offers more of Chinese roasts, seafood options, vegetarian, set menus start from US$ 50 and moreover. Besides, enjoy the view while sipping your favorite glass of wine from their exclusive wine cellar.

Address: 82, Sin Phyu Shin Avenue, Pyay Road, 6½ Mile, Ward 11, Hlaing Township,
Yangon 11051
Contact: 01 935 1000
Lunch: 11:30 am – 2:30 pm
Dinner: 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

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