Despite not having snow, we would expect the lack of an ice skating rink in Yangon. With the newest addition to our city’s recreational activity choices, we stand corrected. The Royal Sportainment Complex, located in 9 miles, self-acclaimed to be the “first ever indoor ice skating and bowling centre” in Myanmar, also the “biggest,” we decided to check it out–with our fingers crossed.

A big spacious compound next to the Indoor Skydiving Center, the Royal Sportainment complex has opened its doors to the general public since start of May. We’ve all been seeing people posing on the rink, which is very well-maintained, but is it really a fun experience? It is, no doubt, great with friends–so is eating out–but when you go alone, that’s when it isn’t that good of a decision.

Paying a 6,000 Kyats entrance fee, we were told it would cost us 15,000 Kyats for a 90 minutes skating session. Trying our best to stay positive, we noticed the inclusion of a cafe in both the ice rink area and the bowling area, compliments of Espace Bar to ease your hunger while skating.

Escape Cafe inside the stadium.

However, the complex isn’t entirely finished, we saw hints of a Singapore’s franchise Harry’s and some more shops to open soon inside the stadium. The skating rink, however, was emptydue to our choice in timingbut not as empty as the bowling alley which was no doubt new and shiny. Every screen had the latest bowling software showing the instant results of you and your rivals.

Bowling area.

All in all, a potential highlight. It goes without saying that places like these need a stable flow of customers, as well as proper maintenance. Give it a go if you want to try something new in the city!

Address: Taw Win Road, Mayangone Township, Yangon, Myanmar
Tel: 09677788893, 09677788894, 09677788895



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