From 26-28 July, the first ever ‘Women Riders World Relay’ will be passing through Myanmar. The event, which has signed up more than 15,000 participants from around the world, is a year-long endeavor aimed at growing the women in motorsports community. Volunteer ‘guardians’ are responsible for carrying the baton as it crosses the globe, making its way through more than 100 countries.

While countries such as Australia, Germany and even neighboring India and Thailand have well-established women motorbike clubs, Myanmar does not. The organizers of the Myanmar WRWR are hoping to use this event as a springboard for creating a community of women riders. In addition to the relay, a series of ‘ripple’ relays will be held in October and November. These 1-3 day rides will be open to all women riders regardless of experience.

For any women riders keen to participate, please contact Anne ([email protected]) or Find us on Facebook.

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