Beef tenderloin (6,500Ks).

Maybe you have heard of Steak On The Street but not their story. Initiated at the pavement on the street of Golden Valley, STOS was funded upon 20 lakhs-business at the beginning – now has three branches in the city within a year – triumph!

SOTS penetrates the market with the concept of eating the steak at lower prices. Among the four, we went to the People’s Park branch yesterday evening.

Located just next to the entrance of People Park on Pyay road where wooden boxes serve as the tables and chairs, this branch gives you casual experience. We ordered tenderloin steak (6,500Ks) and the FA (Forever Alone) combo set (2,500Ks). The set comes with rice and roasted pork collar and is aimed to single people with its funny name.

The tenderloin was grilled soft and the sauce matches the steak. Cutting the burnt parts off the meat is a sensible move. You can order mashed potato scoop and carrot. But mashed potato comes dry though I expects it more creamy.

FA (Forever Alone) combo set (2,500Ks).

The FA set accompanies rice and roasted pork collar with coleslaw and fried Balachaung (dried shrimps with chilli). In my thought, the fried Balachaung and coleslaw don’t match up with rice and roasted pork collar. But my friend said that fried Balachaung makes the food less cloying which depends on individual preference after all.

Hot and spicy sausages (4,500Ks).

We ended the table with hot and spicy sausages (4,500Ks). Although the original taste has gone when I dip it in the sauce as if I’d know adding pepper will be better, it was fine. You can take the lettuces, garlic and chilies as a self-service but be careful with the chilies – so hot!

Overall, I like the excellent food at STOS and its friendly staffs. To be honest, there were flies at the grassland since the bins are nearby which is normal for a roadside eatery. We just want to point out the fact they get better in the future. And I really like the way they cover the lettuces, garlic and chilies with a plastic shade. One more thing they can improve is to avoid giving out straws for soda cans and to participate in the StrawsSuck campaign by reducing usage of plastic straws which have a negative impact on our environment.

Address: People’s Square (Pyay Road Gate), Sanchaung Township, Yangon
Ph:09 777 999 296
Opens 11am – 10pm


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