From this April, we will share a calendar in which some particular days of each month and the traditional festivals all over the world will be introduced. This month, the biggest and the most well-known festival of Myanmar “Thingyan Water Festival” and a religious day of Christian “Easter” fall only a few days apart.

April Fool’s Day (April 1)
An annual day to play practical jokes and pranks on people close to you.

Naga Aoling Festival (April 1 – 6)
This festival is held in North-eastern part of India and Myanmar’s Mon district of Nagaland by Konyak Naga People. Although this is not Myanmar traditional festival, that of our adjoining area, so we share it for knowledge. The Konyak people are the largest tribe in Nagaland and are the most well-known due to their tradition of head hunting. The Aoling Festival is a party that welcomes the arrival of Spring and prays for a good approaching harvest. Generally it’s held in the first week of April and there are varied dates of celebration in each district so you have to find out the celebrated time according to your destination.

Thingyan Water Festival (April 13 – 16)
This is a period of holidays for Myanmar People. This year, the holidays will be less than the previous years because of the coincidence of Saturday and Sunday. 17th april is Myanmar New year day.

Shwe Maw Daw Pagoda Festival (April 14 – 23)
The pagoda is located in Bago and its festival is held annually in Burmese month of Tagu for 10 days. 375 feet in height, this tallest pagoda in the country was built by the Mon architectures. At the festival, there are zat pwe and A -nyeint pwe (outdoor theater performances) with stage shows and vendors of local specialities, handicrafts from different regions.

Easter Day (April 21)
It’s Christian religious festival and is held on Sundays and in christian countries,there are parties called “Easter Egg” and but in Myanmar ,they used to go together to “Church” where they worship starting from dawn.

If there are some festivals left that we didn’t mention, please feel free to leave a comment below.


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