Tourism development projects are important as they can provide direct benefit to the environment and community whilst growing the tourism sector. Community-Based Tourism is new approaches to sustainable tourism development in Myanmar that not only seek to minimize local environmental impact, but also to give greater priority to community participation and poverty reduction.

The Community-Based Tourism project in Kayah State is run under Ministry of Hotel and Tourism and includes two Kayan ethnic villages; Hta Nee La Leh and Pan Petvillages and one Kayaw ethnic village; HtayKho in Kayah State. Kayah has many ethnic groups, natural attractions of great interest for tourists, unspoiled natural scenery and experiencing cultures that still preserve their traditions and way of life particularly for cultural and nature tourism. This community based project has proven to be very successful, benefiting the local community and at the same time offer fascinating, fun insights into local life and culture in an ethnic Kayah community in Myanmar.

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