Sunday, December 15, 2019

Rangoon Boutique Cafe review: A Korean influence in Sanchaung street

Sanchaung street is well known for its famous beer stations, bars, Chinese restaurants, street vendors and fashion houses. Thus it became a crowded street at night where Yangonites go out for a night of beer or either friends gathering. Among those pack places, we found a small cafe in the middle of the street.

We were looking for a decent meal, literally every restaurant we’ve tried but not Rangoon Boutique Cafe which is sandwiched together with a Total fitness gym and a big old tree inside. With yellow lights and a coffee bar, the cafe settles with tiny squared tables, a bench on the front with board games and galleries of different coffees on the other side of the wall.

Inside the cafe.

The menu caught our attention first since the first catalogue was a coffee special. The the second one follows with a fusion of Asian dishes; Kimchi Fried Rice, Bibimbap, Thai Fried Rices, Terrayakis, Cheesy Chicken Rices with different sauces, Bulgogi grills, soups and stews.

For the starter, we ordered Prawn tempura (3,500Ks) and Pork salad with lettuce (3,500Ks). The prawn tempura came in first, hot and freshly fried, crisp and delightful. The pork salad arrived a few minutes later, with a big plate of lettuce, kimchi salad and onion rings together. The pork smells good, soft and sweet. The delicious part was wrapping the meats in the lettuce with kimchi—a Korean way to eat the pork salad.

Prawn tempura (3,500Ks) and Pork salad with lettuce (3,500Ks).

Then we tried Korean Bibimbap (3,000Ks) which came after a few minutes upon our order. The taste was surprisingly appetizing which was sweet and sour. My main dish, Cheesy Chicken Rice with Lemon Pepper Sauce (3,000Ks) took a bit long to take in but the friendly staffs kept making apologies for the gap. I thought there might be some problem in the kitchen which was not my concern at all. But when it came, my expectation fell down for a second that it was a small plate, and all cool down. The cheese covered the rice was cold, the rice and the lesser chicken, but the broccoli was instantly cooked – still it tasted good!

Korean Bibimbap (3,000Ks).

For dessert, the banana boat ice-cream we ordered was told unavailable at the moment since the bananas were out of stock, so we tried the vanilla ice-cream with a brownie (25,00Ks) – my favorite brownie in town! It was freshly reheated, soft and with the vanilla, it was an amazing wonderful palate. Overall, we really enjoyed the meals but we didn’t have a chance to try the coffee since it was a dinner so I am looking forward to it till next time.

Address: Salone 7, Sanchaung Street, Sanchaung Township
Tel: 09 699 953330
Opens 7am – 9pm


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