Q&A: A dream of Myanmar Marta Trela and Henning Himmelreich

Over the past few days, a Vimeo video about a mix of Myanmar’s countryside and city-landscape featuring the most scenic places of the country went fervid on the its most engaging social media – Facebook. The video has been added to Vimeo Staff Picks. Marta Trela and Henning Himmelreich, the people behind “A dream of Myanmar” caught up with Myanmore for their endeavours and tussles of how they came so far.

Tell us about you.

We are called Marta Trela and Henning Himmelreich.
I am a film director and Henning a motion designer. We both live in Stuttgart, Germany where we met when I was an exchange student at The Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg where Henning studied motion design.

What made you pursue film making?

I researched Film Studies and Media and Cultural Studies before and I decided I want to move from theoretical to practical side of filmmaking. Henning has always been interested in photography and at some point he started making moving pictures as well. But he still likes doing both.

What made you came to Myanmar in the first place?

Myanmar is a country that has always been somewhere at the back of our heads. We somehow always knew that it was beautiful but we knew very little about it since very few people have actually been there. In December 2017, I quit my job and we both decided to travel Asia. We flew to Philippines, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam before visiting Myanmar and then in May 2018, we came here. The fact that we liked Myanmar is that we didn’t know what to expect. At the end exploring this country turned out to be a great adventure.

How long did you have in Myanmar?

We stayed as long as our visa allowed us to stay – 28 days – I think.

What was the purpose of the video? How did you come up?

We made this film because we were overwhelmed by the beauty of the country and the individual of its culture. We were secretly hoping that our shots were good enough for us to be able to make a film out of them which we could also publish on the internet but even if they hadn’t been, we’re still happy about a small holiday video somewhere on our laptops. A great souvenir that we could always show to our families and friends instead of flooding them with thousands of travel pictures.

For how long did you have to make the video and how did you handle the editing processes?

Since it was a hobby project we didn’t have any deadlines. So I spent nearly a month editing the film. Most of the workload was actually watching the footages – we shot so much and I had to leave so many beautiful scenes out of the film. It was a difficult process and I surely learned a lot about editing from it.

What are your thoughts about the country?

Myanmar is still a beautiful mystery to us. We miss it every day and hope to come back one day to travel the rest of the country. We saw very little. Next time we would like to meet some ethnic minorities, experience more village life, visit Mandalay Buddha workshops which we forgot to visit this time. I would also like to go back to Mandalay and see the old capitals around it again, especially Inwa which is absolutely stunning. Henning says he’d like to go to Bagan again and spend some time on the balcony of A1 — our favourite guesthouse there!

What are your plans for 2019?

What are our plans for 2019? To work hard and earn money so we can go travel again of course!

They’ve traveled to Yangon – Hpa An – Mawlamyine – Bago – Bagan – Kalaw -Nyaungshwe – Indein – Hsipaw – Mandalay – Sagaing – Inwa – Sagaing.


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