Myanmore talked about its upcoming annual Dining & Nightlife Awards 2019 and the first ever Travel Awards 2019 which will take place in this spring simultaneously.

This greatly anticipated event is the only awards ceremony in Myanmar celebrating the attainment of excellence in the food and beverage sector.

The MYANMORE Dining and Nightlife Awards are focused on facilitating an environment where the attainment of excellence is supported throughout the year, not just celebrated on an annual basis.

A Programme of Excellence is held throughout 2019 in which award winners will be encouraged to share their knowledge with others to promote the continued improvement of food and beverage standards, whilst developing an ethos of excellence throughout the whole industry.

U Aung Kyaw Myo, the deputy CEO of KBZ Bank, said “We believe in the importance of discovering, recognising and promoting budding and thriving talents in the dining and nightlife industry who will serve as inspiration for the rest of the industry. As entrepreneurs take on the challenges of doing business sustainably, and not just with profits in mind, KBZ Bank wishes to reinforce our position as the country’s leading private bank which is in a strong position to assist them. An example of this is the launch of our mobile wallet, KBZPay, which has allowed us to form partnerships with 39,000 merchants, many of which include businesses started by entrepreneurs in the dining and nightlife industry. We at KBZ Bank would like to encourage all entrepreneurs to participate and submit their applications to be the winner of the KBZ Entrepreneur of The Year 2019”

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Photo by Mark Fernando.


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