It’s hard to miss the swirling, drunken eyes logo and brightly-lit facade of Yangon’s latest favourite bar Tipsy. Situated on New University Avenue road the unique and modern design make it clear that is isn’t your usual cocktail bar.

Tipsy has had its doors open to Yangonites since mid-December and it has already attracted a dedicated following due to their whimsical cocktails, scenic rooftop area and a pool table.

Upon entering Tipsy, dinner guests are greeted with an amuse bouche of chicken salad and a lemon water, before you are given the menus to peruse, which includes bar snacks, appetizers, grilled dishes, pastas and soups along with special platters.

Walk Like an Egyptian (85,00Ks)

To get the ball rolling we ordered two drinks, one named Democracy and the other called Walk Like an Egyptian (both 8,500Ks). Democracy was served in a steel hip flask, heightening the impression that it was made using a secret recipe. Be warned: it’s very strong. The Walk Like an Egyptian was a gentler choice, made by combining Botanist gin and Aperol in a barrel for two weeks, and then topping up the mixture with homemade elderflower, Sunkist juice and a little mint.

Grilled cuttlefish (7,000Ks)
Takoyaki (4,500Ks)

For dinner we ordered a carbonara pasta (5,500Ks), the Tipsy whiskey chicken wings (4,500Ks) and the grilled cuttlefish (7,000Ks). The carbonara was rich a creamy, while the chicken wings came with a smokey and hot sauce and the hint of whiskey. The grilled cuttlefish was sprinkled with salt and had a spicy kick to it as well. To finish we chose Takoyaki (4,500Ks), a ball-shaped Japanese snack made of wheat and filled with diced octopus, tempura scraps, pickled ginger, and green onions.

With a rooftop bar, pool table and menu filled with intriguing drinks, Tipsy is definitely the place to head for some Friday night fun. Future plans for the bar include a shisha lounge on the mezzanine floor. Overall, Tipsy satisfied our night-out ravels, with its tipsy drinks and favourable food.

Address: 138C New University Avenue Road, Bahan Township, Yangon
Phone: 09 9719 88897
Opening hours: 5pm – 1am


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