Pictures of “floating noodles”, which show chopsticks holding a pinch of noodles seemingly suspended in mid-air, have recently gone viral, mystifying viewers worldwide. But with the opening of Chaun Xiao Er in Sanchaung, Yangonites can finally experience this noodle riddle for themselves.

Sanchaung is famous for its eateries and beer stations; even more for Shan noodles and many street food stalls. Chinese restaurant Chuan Xiao Er is tucked away on Shin Saw Pu Road. Clean, bright and sparsely furnished with wooden benches and tables, Chuan Xiao Er is somewhere to head for those who are serious about eating.

But what it may lack in plush décor, it certainly makes up for in a mechanical android in a Chinese costume, robotically slicing a stack of fresh wheat into noodles with a sharpened knife-hand.

Naturally we had to try what the robot was so meticulously and mechanically chopping, so we ordered a bowl of the famous Floating Noodles with Chicken (4,000Ks) and a Sichuan Minced Pork Noodle (3,500Ks).

Chuan Xiao Er review: The futuristic floating noodle house
Sichuan Minced Pork Noodle (3,500Ks).

The former arrived exactly as we’d hopped, with chopsticks and noodles floating above the bowl, adding some show-stopping drama to a familiar dish. The minced pork noodle was also a great mix of spice and flavour, if sadly obeying the laws of gravity.

Chuan Xiao Er review: The futuristic floating noodle house
Garlic Steamed Scallop with Vermicelli (1,000Ks each).

Our other options were Garlic Steamed Scallop with Vermicelli (1,000Ks each) and a hot Chinese Steamed Egg (4,000Ks). The scallops, saltwater clams were small but tasted great and the steamed egg was amazing, its sweet taste created without sugar and served with chicken broth.

Chuan Xiao Er review: The futuristic floating noodle house
Chinese Steamed Egg (4,000Ks).

Overall, the new experience of meeting a cooking robot was worth the trip to Sanchaung alone. As for seeing the famous floating noodles first hand – we won’t ruin the secret of the trick here – but why not order a bowl and see if you can work it out for yourself?

Address: 86B Shin Saw Pu Road, Sanchaung Township
Contact: 09 44373 9029
Opens 7am to 9pm


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