DJ Y3llO

A 19 years old, Andrew Tin Aung Toe claimed his name as an artist: Y3llO. Since High School, he had been surrounded by music and all things related to it and had learned to play many different kinds of musical instruments since he was five, settling on the piano in later years.

Y3llO started DJing at around the age of 13 and he recalls, “I went to a school event called R4R and met my first DJ friends JD and Fakecake there. The way the crowd reacted to their performance was amazing. I got hooked onto it. Ever since then I got interested in music production and DJing as well.” One of the main challenges he has been facing has been dealing with a lot of rivalry as a newcomer to the music industry.

“I don’t really have a favorite music genre because I have a very wide range of music I listen to. I love every kind of genre,” Y3llO denied the obsession of music genres. Being inspired by anyone who makes good music, he gets inspirations from his friends and their music too. DJing requires perfect timing and the ability to read a crowd and so Y3llO introduces his new songs in clubs to gage the reaction from the people dancing.

After doing six shows within two months of his career, he has got his pre-gig rountine perfected and usually spend the day ahead preparing mashups and tracks to include in his set along with his original tracks. Y3llO is on working on creating a mixtape EP with several music producers and artists such as Bunny Phyoe, Chan Myae Mg Cho, Mary and many more and it will be released generally in early 2019.

Follow DJ Y3llO and his events on Facebook and instagram via yellomusic. Check out his new music below.



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