Playing board games is a part of many people’s childhood and it’s a tradition that often carried through into adulthood. Monopoly, Codenames, Snakes & Ladders and many others have kept us entertained for years but recently a new contender has joined the game. Blue Belu Studios from Yangoods entrepreneurs has introduced a new Myanmar traditional board game called “Bagan Journey” which is based on the famous city of ancient temples.

Created with the culture and history of the area in mind, the 10 iconic temples of Bagan are represented on the board. Starting at Nyaung U Airport, players roll the dice, move on the board, collecting items and vehicles along the journey towards to villages, temples and landmarks. Throughout the game, players will encounter events and gain Discovery Points as well as draw cards. In the end, The player with the most Discovery Points is the winner.

“The game can be played in only English version for now since we aim to showcase the Myanmar traditions to the outbound visitors and foreigners. We will update the rules and terms of the game in Myanmar language very soon,” Curci from the Blue Belu team said.

Priced at 21,900Ks, Bagan Journey will be available for purchase at Yangoods outlets throughout Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan by the end of December.


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