Moving schools is always hard for children and their families. Moving schools midway through the academic year, potentially to a new country, is arguably harder. At The British School Yangon (BSY), the pressures that facing parents have developed a supportive, holistic process which will ensure your child’s seamless transition to their school.

Understandably, one of the key concerns for parents considering moving their child during the academic year is the disruption to learning – will my child miss topics from the curriculum, are you able to meet their learning needs, how will I know if they begin to struggle? Committed to helping your child realise their educational ambitions, the academic transition will ensure your child has the best possible start at BSY, no matter when they join.

“We understand that moving schools is a big event for children and their families,” said Paul Holyome, Principal at The British School Yangon. “We look forward to welcoming your family to our school. I know you will find our school to be extremely welcoming, friendly and caring towards every child.” said the senior leadership team who will always be more than happy to talk with you about any concerns you might have.

At The British School Yangon, they personalise each child’s transition, ensuring each child receives the right academic and social support to help them settle quickly and minimise interruptions to their learning.

Understanding your child’s academic needs

The admissions process includes meetings, assessments and reports to enable us to create a detailed picture of your child’s academic ability and ensure we are able to meet their learning needs. They will ask you to provide previous school reports and your child will undertake admission assessments tailored to their age group and, where possible, meet with a member of the academic team.

Teachers are committed to fully supporting your child and encourage you to share a variety of information – how does your child learn, what do they enjoy doing in school, what do they find challenging? This information is invaluable for the teachers and enables them to start building a relationship with your child.

Enabling to support your child’s accelerated learning from day one by allowing our teachers to personalise learning immediately, ensure any support systems required are in place, such as intensive language classes or special educational needs support, and create opportunities which make them feel comfortable in their new class as quickly as possible.

Tailoring your child’s learning

The teachers are skilled in personalising your child’s learning, enabling every student to access and be challenged by their lessons from their first day in school. Drawing on best practice from colleagues in Nord Anglia Education’s 56 schools worldwide, the fully qualified teachers will develop a personalised plan for your child, adapting learning to build on their personal preferences, strengths and areas for growth. This approach will accelerate your child’s learning and maximise their progress.

Introducing the curriculum

Students at The British School Yangon follow the world-renowned English National Curriculum (ENC) which leads to highly respected IGCSE and A-Level qualifications, equipping them to join top universities around the world. Parents may be concerned about interruptions to their child’s learning if they have not studied the ENC before. As BSY supports your child to grow as a learner – developing the skills and mindset to understand unfamiliar topics with confidence and access all topics on the curriculum while they build knowledge.

Teach in English and have an excellent English language programme which supports students who are new to English, as well as those who have a growing command of the language but are developing their academic English.

One-of-a-kind experiences to enrich learning

British School Yangon creates an engaging environment which will inspire and motivate your child. The new, modern campus is well resourced and provides excellent facilities, leading technology to support your child’s academic learning. They enrich the curricula through collaborations with world leading organisations, including MIT, The Juilliard School and UNICEF, both in school and through an extensive programme of events and expeditions.

Encompassing different learning styles, these opportunities will excite your child about our academic programme by fostering shared experiences and relationships with other students. Read more about how BSY support your child’s social well-being during their transition, here.

Sharing important information to help you prepare

We share key information with you and your child which can help you understand what to expect in all aspects of school life and learning at BSY. Our detailed parent handbook contains essential information including, school life, after school clubs, the house system, curriculum, educational visits and residential trips! Students in our secondary school will receive an overview of the curriculum enabling you to review the topics your child will study this year. Your child will also be allocated all their course textbooks before they join, ready for their first day.

On-going communication and support across the year

To ensuring your child settles well at BSY and so the transition process provides support throughout the year, the strong relationships and open communication between parents and teachers is the key to success.

“We encourage you to talk to your child’s teachers and foster communication through a variety of channels, in addition to operating a formal programme of assessment, academic reports and parent teacher conferences throughout the year where we will discuss your child’s progress and learning needs. We also encourage you to be alert for early indications of you child struggling academically,” said the team.
Quick intervention can help you child build confidence and overcome a small challenge before it become a larger issue. Additional learning support will also continue throughout the year as required.

If you are considering moving your child mid-year and would like to find out more about BSY, you can visit; or please get in touch with our admissions team via phone on +95-9795541805 / +95-1-9669329 or email at [email protected].



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