Born in Yangon, Youn Ni Ko grew up on the remote island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean sea after her family moved there when she was young. As she loved to sing from a young age, her uncle in Myanmar gifted her with a guitar when she visited him and she promised him she would learn how to play it. After mastering the instrument, the next step was songwriting, as Youn Ni Ko explains: “Since I knew how to write song lyrics, that’s when everything started.” While still in Cyprus, she met a producer and created a song called Boy which will be released later this year.

A tattoo lover and tennis player, Youn Ni Ko loves to record her daily life in a diary. “To describe myself, I’m a very optimistic person who likes honesty,” she confesses, but also adds “I also like it when bad things happen because it’s good for me to write songs!”

After moving back to Myanmar, Youn Ni Ko was amazed by the indie music scene she found here which already had an audience and nightlife culture. “I want to be the part of this expansion of indie music in Myanmar,” she explains.

Influenced by MUSE, Radiohead and Gorillaz amongst others, Youn Ni Ko aspires to work together with other artists to create fusion in her music career. In her latest track B, she collaborated with the graffiti artist SATAN and local music producer Fakecake. Her next track to be released will be called Boy and her next ambition is to release an EP. As many of her songs are co-produced by local music producers like YDNB, Past12, Jerry Jay, W.A.I and AJOHN, it’s sure to head straight to the top of the charts.

Catch Youn Ni Ko’s updates on her facebook page younnikomusic.
Also check out her latest piece below;


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