Paper mache elephant sets new world record in wildlife conservation campaign

Myanmar artists have set a Guinness World Record for their paper mache elephants in a bid to shine the light on illegal elephant poaching.

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Myanmar) sculptures were displayed at Yangon’s Maha Bandula Park as part of the VOICES FOR MOMOS campaign to raise awareness of elephant hunting and wildlife smuggling.

At the public event, the artists created four supersized elephants, two small elephants, and one bamboo sculpture. Among the seven sculptures, local young graffiti artist Arkar Kyaw and Myanmar traditional paper maché sculptor U Myint (Yote Lone Kabar)’s supersized elephant bamboo-supported paper sculpture without its trunk broke the Guinness World Record.

Thanking the campaign, Arker Kyaw said, “We created this elephant paper sculpture to call for an end to elephant poaching and illegal wildlife trading.”

Left to right: U Myint (Myanmar traditional sculptor, Yotelonelabar) and Arker Kyaw (graffiti artist).

The Guinness World Record’s supersized elephant paper sculpture measures 21ft long, 7ft wide and 21ft tall. The size of the elephant paper sculpture is three times bigger than the average 7ft to 9ft elephants. The Asian elephant was sculpted with bamboo, and the newspapers – donated by the public via VOICES FOR MOMOS – covered the sculpture.

On average Myanmar loses one elephant per week to poaching. For more information visit


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