Anybody yearning for a bus option close to Yangon Airport will welcome the news that a YBS (Yangon Bus Service) station has opened right outside the airport. The bus is colored red and white and has ‘shuttle service’ marked on it.

Operating 24 hrs for 500 kyats per person, the air-conditioned buses leave every five minutes on routes: Pyay Road route (Green) and Kabar Aye Pagoda Road route (Red) both to Yangon Central Railway Station in downtown. Along the way are the following stops:

Pyay Road route (Green)

  • Yangon International Airport
  • 9 Miles Ocean
  • 8 Miles Junction
  • 7 Miles Hotel
  • AD Junction
  • Lotte Hotel
  • Inya bank
  • University of Yangon
  • Junction Square
  • Dagon Centre
  • Taw Win Centre
  • City Mall (St. John)
  • Yangon General Hospital
  • Junction City
  • Yangon Railway Station

Kabar Aye Pagoda Road route (Red)

  • Yangon International Airport
  • 8 Miles Junction
  • Yangon Hotel
  • Nawaday Cinema
  • Kabar Aye Pagoda
  • Parami
  • Myanmar Plaza
  • Hnin Si Gone
  • Shwe Gone Dine
  • Shwedagone Pagoda
  • Zoological Garden
  • Parkroyal Hotel
  • Thamada Cinema
  • Sule Square
  • Sule Pagoda
  • Yangon Railway Station

Please contact OMNI Focus call centre for further information via 09 4212 22622, 09 4212 22822, 09 4212 22922.

YBS has also launched an inter-terminal shuttle bus from Terminal 1 to 2, 3 from 5:30am to 9pm with one leaving about any 15/20 minutes. The bus-stops are:

  • Opposite Gate 3 at Terminal 1
  • Front of Ya Kun Cafe at Terminal 2
  • Outside Departure Door 1 at Terminal 3


  1. Hi,

    Thank you so much for such an informative posting. This is exactly what i need. How ever, could you please be kind enough to inform me, whether the YBS from the Yangon central to airport also starting at 4am or 5am? I have a flight to catch by 8:45. If the supposed bus could leave by 5am from the yangon central, do you think i have enough time to catch the flight, or i should just drop ybs and catch taxi instead? Looking for your favorable reply

  2. Hi my flight is at 11:00am for tomorrow12th Dec2018 what is good time to caught your bus from yangoon main train station to terminal 1 if u reply soonest be very appreciated

    • Hi Angel, we recommend you to take the bus 4 hours ahead of your departure time since Yangon traffic is not predictable at the moment. Thank you!

  3. Hey, we want to take the Shuttle Bus to the Airport. We stay in wingabar road in clover hotel. Where we can take the Shuttle ? Our flihtt is at 17 pm. When we have to take the bus?
    Greetings Irene

    • Hi Irene, the nearest bus stop to Clover hotel is “Shwe Gone Dine” Bus stop on the Kabar Aye Pagoda Road. They will have to walk though. The bus route will go to downtown on the Strand Road first before going straight to The Yangon International Airport. Downtown has traffic and 17pm is a rush hour for sure so it is advisable to take the bus at least 2 hours before your check in time at the airport.

      • Hello, what about the “Shwedagon Pagoda” and/or “Zoological Garden” stops? Do the buses go directly to the airport from these stops? Thank you.

  4. Hi. We will be staying at the Panda Hotel 205, Corner of Wadan Street & Min Ye Kyaw Swa Road. Coming from the airport, which would be the nearest stop to the hotel, please?

  5. Hi, thank you for the helpful information. Can I also know what time does the first bus depart from city to airport? I want to take the bus by 6:00-6:30am at Sule square.

    • Hi, the buses operate now 24 hrs and we suggest you to wait at the bus-stop opposite to Sakura Tower (Hitachi) by 30 minutes ahead time of your desired schedule. Each bus leaves in every 5-10 minutes.

  6. Wow, just appreciate ur prompt response to all readers! This shuttle bus used to run in 2 directions. Do u mean the Pyay Rd direction has been cancelled or has it been combined with the other route? Also, does it run in 1 direction only, i.e. passengers can only catch the bus on one side of the road? Thank you for your response! 😊

  7. Hi Min Ye,
    Is the airport shuttle service nearby the Rangoon Boutique House ?
    Which stop should I get off?
    How long will I have to walk from the stop to the House?

  8. Hi! I’m staying at Shwe Yo Vintage Hostel and they recommend getting the shuttle bus to Nyaung Pin Layy Zayy bus stop. If I catch a bus at around 10pm, will this be possible? Is where the bus departs from easy to find? Thank you!!


    • Hi Alicia, it would be only 5-10 mins to get to your destination. And please find the red bus with Yangon Airport Shuttle bus on front LED.

    • Hi Phillipp, please kindly follow the stops as we mentioned. We’ve directly copied the stops from their official Facebook page.

  9. Hallo one more Question . How Long does it take … aproximatly to ride downtown and does this Bus also run into ChinaTown. I do have an Reservation in Grand Hotel 21.Street ?

    • Hello Walter, it normally takes an hour or longer to get to Chinatown from the airport. The nearest bus-stop is the Yangon General Hospital one. Good luck!

  10. Hi Admin,

    I’m planning to visit Tatmadaw hall and also plan to stay at Alfa Hotel.
    Where is the nearest bus stop for the place?

    thank you.

    • Hi Ake Bono, we are sorry to say that there’s no bus-stop near Esperado. But if you really want to try, please drop off at Yangon Railway Station (Gophyu road) and you will need 20/25 mins walk to Esperado.

  11. Hi, how do I go to Aung Mingalar station with this bus from airport. I arrived airport in evening and I plan to stay in the airport until morning then need to reach Aung Mingalar bus station by 830am to take elite express bus which ticket already bought.

    Could you share detail how I can take bus from airport to Aung Mingalar and reach by 8am half hour before my bus time at elite?


    • Hi Wendy, unfortunately there’s no shuttle bus to Aung Mingalar station from Airtport. We suggest you to take a cab which will cost around $3/4 (30000Ks) and it will take 2o minutes if there’s no traffic.

      • Thank you for your reply. Yes I try to check online it seems very tedious to take bus, like having to go to town like sule then change another bus and end up maybe 2 or 3 hours.i will try to get a can outside at main road and negotiate for good deal. Thank you so much. Blessings.

    • Hi Linraechi, the 7 Mile bus-stop is on Pyay Road and the Kabar Aye Pagoda stop is on Kabar Aye Pagoda road since it detour the route on the return.

  12. Bonjour Min Ye Kyam,

    Hello, I must be at Aeroport on Friday, April 5th at 17:30. I’m leaving YGN railway Station. At what time I have to take the bus on YGN railway station (traffic)?
    Thank you for your reply.
    Best regard.

  13. Hi Min Ye Kyaw,

    The bus ticket is for one time use or i can use it to hop on hop off anytime within the day? As i notice the bus will stop somewhere nearby some tourist attraction places.

  14. Hi, if I’m staying at Clover City Center Plus Hotel, what is the nearest bus stop? Sorry but I’m bad at reading maps and can’t find to figure out the bus stops location.

  15. Hi, We will be staying at Merchant art Hotel. Which would be the nearest bus stop to the Hotel?
    And How long doed it take from bus stop to the Hotel by walk? thanks very much for your appreciate.

  16. Hi,

    We will be arrived by schedule almost midnight around 11.00 AM. Is the shuttle bus still available to bring us to Yangon?

    Thank u

  17. Hello man!
    Are there a green line and a red line for airport buses? If then, please let me know the route. If not, tell me when to change the route

  18. hi im going to konzaydan street, downtown yangon, may i ask what bus stop should i alight? your reply will be very much appreciated!

  19. hi! many thanks for your information 🙂 i want to ask, is it posible if we arrived at yangon airport at 5 pm and want to visit shwedagon pagoda first before our bus to bagan at 10 pm? thanks

  20. Hi!
    Can I take the airport bus from Yangon Hotel bus stop to go downtown to the Sule pagoda? It was suggested to me by a friend from Yangon!

  21. hi:
    we shall arrive Yangon Airport on 26th June, will stay at HOLLY Hotel located
    at THIRIYADANAR WHOLESALE MARKET, THUDHAMAR ROAD, NORTH OKKALAPA TOWNSHIP, which shuttle bus should take, if unavailable, how much of the cab, do you mean USD3 or 4 dollars, not USD30.

    thanks your help

    • Hi Sandra! I’d suggest you take a cab to your hotel because it isn’t guaranteed that a bus will reach your designated location. As for the taxi far, it might cost around 9000 kyats or 6 dollars, which we recommend you exchange for Myanmar Kyats. Best of Luck!!

  22. HI, I will be stay at back packers hostel No.58 MM 11181 60, Bo Aung Kyaw , can you advise me the nearest bus stop, and from which shuttle bus i need to take from airport to get there. thank you in advance


    • Hi Adam! For your case, we would advise you to take the shuttle bus to the Sule Bus Stop and take a cab(around 2000Kyats)to the Hostel if you have heavy baggage. If you’re packing light, you can even walk there–it’s only a 15-minute walk. Have a great adventure!

  23. Hello,

    we will be staying at a hotel just beside Shangri-La. So We have to take the Red Bus from the airport right for 500 kyats and we need to give the driver exact notes.

    then we plan to visit swedagon pagoda. can we also take the red bus going to the airport and alight at the pagoda bus stop? is it the same price at 500 kyats and we just need to drop the money beside the driver?


  24. HI Min Ye Kyaw, my flight is 8AM. I am planning to take the shuttle bus from where I stay near Shwedagon Pagoda, which means I need to leave around 5AM maybe? How is the traffic (if any) around this hour and are there any shuttle service at 5AM to Yangon International Airport? Lastly, is the bus stop easy to find at Shwedagon Pagoda area ? Thank you in advance for your kind advice!

    • Hi Alvina, I think 6 am is fine. The Shwedagon Pagoda area is really big, please find the stop at Natmauk Road opposite to Kandawgyi Park. Thanks.

    • Hi Tishani, sorry for the late reply. Please take the Red one and you can drop at Sule Pagoda stop. But you have to take a cab from there to Strand Hotel. Hope this goes well.

  25. Hi !
    My plane is at 8h, I stay at Yangon heart guest house, as the bus is now 24h I think I can take it, but at what time should I take it ? I dont think that there is a lot of trafic at that time ^^.

    Thank you so much !


    • Hello! It is still unpredictable, I would suggest you take the bus at maybe 4:45 to make sure you get there exactly at 6 or earlier.

  26. Hello! My guest flight will be arrived at 9:30Pm. He can leave around 10:30pm. May i know the bus service is available at that time from airport to Sule.

  27. how can i go to Clover City Hotel by Bus, Can you give me a particular color. I understand that the two buses Green & Red goes to Yangon Railway Station and Clover City Hotel; is near, What Bus is fast to reach Yangon Railway.

  28. I booked the East Hotel at city centre downtown Yangon.Where is the nearest point for me to stop to go to the East Hotel.

    Thank you.

  29. Hi, thanks for this great resource!

    1. I am arriving at Terminal 3, is the bus stop outside Terminal 3 or do I need to first take the shuttle to Terminal 1?

    2. Does the bus give a receipt/ticket for the MMK500 so that I can claim expense?



  30. Hi!

    Does the shuttle bus have a terminal station along the route or will it go back to the airport after the last stop at Yangon Central Station with the same stops but in reverse order?

  31. Hello!
    I stop
    Landmark Hotel 39 Golden Valley Road Bahan.
    Can I find out what buses and stops you would suggest to get to the hotel?

  32. Hi I’m staying at Sky Hotel at No. 58/60, Sint Oo Tan Street, Latha Township, ရန်ကုန် 11111, Myanmar (Burma).

    I plan to take shuttle bus from yangon airport. Which stop should i stop is the nearest to the hotel?

    Appreciate for your info.

  33. Hi, My husband and I will stay at the Hotel 100 Moon Inn at 50/C(4), Natmauk Lanethwe (1), Bahan Township, Yangon. Does one of the shuttle buses gets near there? Thanks very much

    • Hello Yvonne, you can find the shuttle bus station just outside the opposite to the exit of the airport once you’ve landed.

  34. Hello!
    I will land on Yagon Airport at mid- night (25 May 2020).
    Is it available bus to City Center (Sule pagoda)?


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