On the fifth floor of Junction City are 18 food stalls serving international and local cuisine that together make up Food Streat. Priced from between 1,000-5,000 kyats, the dishes can be purchased with a food court card that requires topping up before you enter. On the way out you can collect any remaining balance.

So what restaurants are there? Enough to please the whole family. The cheap and cheerful vibe has also proved a hit with locals and foreigners. It opens from 9am to 9pm, Monday to Thursday, and 9am to 10am, Friday to Sunday. I visited to sample a few of the stalls…

Min Lan Seafood and Rakhine Traditional Food

Min Lan Seafood and Rakhine Traditional Food

Spicy food lovers can enjoy a welcome wake-up call on the corner of Food Streat, where Min Lan serves hot fried rice, salads and soups done the Rakhine way. Most popular is the mont ti and if things get too hot chow down on the mixed vegetable salad.


Soy-Stewed Pork Rice

Taiwan Snacks

Contrary to the name, this place has some fairly heavy dishes. Their signature is sweetened pork with soy and my personal favorite was the soy-stewed pork rice for 4,500 kyats.


Myot Myittar

Myot Myittar

A good spot for a quick lunch—it has some solid sets of traditional Myanmar food, including rice salad, pounded pickled tea, and dried mutton.

Juice Corner

Sip some traditional Myanmar tea and treat yourself to some waffles topped with vanilla ice cream at this sugar haven.

Tint Tint

Those with a sweet tooth and a curiosity for Myanmar’s classic desserts should spend some time here sampling the cocunut jelly, egg pudding, palmira snak and more.


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