For a very limited time, the Sule Shangri-la Yangon is hosting Fu Hao Qin, a Kung Fu tea master and face-changing artist from the Chinese province of Sichuan.

Gongfu cha (Kung Fu tea) is a thousand-year-old performance art that requires dynamic, graceful movements to elegantly pour tea from a sword-length spout jutting from a lustrous copper teapot without spilling a single drop of boiling-hot water.

According to Fu Hao Qin, the unique teapot design was borne from necessity, as a clever method for servers to pour steamed water across long tables in crowded teahouses.

Bian lian (or face-swapping) is an ancient Sichaun operatic performance wherein the artist dons dozens of intricately crafted masks, switched at lightning speed, while dancing to traditional Chinese music.

Guests who attend these performances in the Sule Shangri-la Summer Palace can feast on both visual and culinary delights. Chef Pang curated a special menu which incorporates all five Chinese flavor elements: sweet, sour, acrid, salty and bitter. Menu highlights include a chrysanthemum and soft-shell crab soup, wok-fried beef with tangy hawthorn bud and honey sauce, bamboo clam in a rose tea marinade, smoked duck breast over crispy salad, an asparagus and gingko nut mélange, and endless refills of aromatic Long Ching tea.

For several lucky diners, Fu Hao Qin will serve tea graciously from his gongfu cha teapot. A la carte pricing for this memorable menu ranges from US$8-$25. The restaurant is happy to accommodate clients with specific dietary needs or restrictions.

Prospective guests are able to experience this extraordinary spectacle at Sule Shangri-la’s Summer Palace for lunch and dinner from June 21- July 1. Several other exclusive performances are also available throughout the week:

Sule Square Mall Atrium                June 23                         11:30 am–3:30 pm

Café Sule Sunday Brunch               June 24 & July 1            1pm– 2pm

Summer Palace Yum Cha               June 24 & July 1            10:30am–11:30 am

Peacock Lounge High Tea              June 30                         4pm–5pm

To make a reservation or for additional inquiries, guests are invited to contact the Sule Shangri-la service staff by phone at (95 1) 242 828 extension 6428 or make requests by email at For special hotel offers and updates, follow SuleShangriLaYangon on Facebook or @suleshangrila on Twitter and Instagram.




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