Behind BMW Showroom on Pyay Road is arguably the best Thai restaurant in town: Royal Jasmine, where two beautiful ladies will welcome you with a cheerful ‘sah-wah-dee’ greeting and a complimentary butterfly pea and lime beverage.

Some of the MYANMORE team were dispatched on invitation to sample the new menu at the restaurant, which has a lovely calm atmosphere. We ordered the classic Thai iced tea—less sweet than most here—and a green thai curry with tofu.

The curry was tangy, coconut-y, and had a tasty savory broth with eggplant and green beans. The chef has 20 years of experience cooking in Thailand, and his team has tweaked their skills to use Myanmar ingredients and satisfy a Yangon audience.


Then we tried the chef’s recommendation: Thai basil stir-fried with vegetables and tofu, and Thailand’s beloved street snack pad thai followed by fried kale, which was not drowned in oil and covered in salt, as is the trend in many places.

This was a lot of food, but there’s always more room for dessert, and seeing as it is mango season, we ordered Thai sticky rice with mango and water chestnuts in syrup—known as red rubies with milk in Thailand. The mango was fresh and sweet, and although we had eaten truckloads of food, we did not feel uncomfortably surfeited—a sign of good Thai food. Whether it’s for meetings or hangouts with friends, the restaurant is a top choice.

Address: SOHO Diamond condo, Tower E, Ground floor, corner of Pyay Road & Narnattaw Road, Kamayut Tsp
09 964 496365
11 am – 10 pm

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Min Ye Kyaw
Matt worked with MYANMORE for four years covering a wide range of topics.


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