Yangon has a restaurant serving Filipino cuisine, who knew? Hopefully some of the people
from the Philippines living and working in the city have tasted My-Abodo Plus. While I
cannot account for the authenticity of its fare, I can judge My Abodo Plus on its general
“tastiness,” which I would describe as hit and miss.

Adobo, from which the restaurant takes its names, is a classic Filipino dish in which various
meats and vegetables are cooked in a sauce of vinegar, soy sauce, salt, pepper, garlic, and
aromatic herbs. The restaurant does a selection of chicken, pork, chicken feet, squid, and
water cress in its signature sauce. I ordered the Manok chicken (4,500 kyats) which looked a little bit barbecued on the photo on the menu but was actually more saucy. Still, I enjoyed the Adobo sauce; rich, sweet, and fragrant.

The Bulalo—a beef shank soup for 6,500 kyats—was equally hearty and rich and I loved the
melt-in- your-mouth bone marrow. Though I enjoyed the different vegetables and meat, I
couldn’t help feel there should’ve been more unique flavors. The morning glory with prawns
(2,000 kyats) was overly and worryingly fishy. The deep-fried tofu and pork (2,500 kyats)
tasted like a deep fat fryer and little else.

My-Adobo Plus nearly saved the meal with its deep fried banana (2,000 kyats)—a very
pleasant mix of gooey banana, crunchy batter, and tart mango sauce. The restaurant has a
number of little intricacies: Its booth style, presumably left over from its previous
incarnation as a Japanese restaurant, offers karaoke, and you can summon service via a bell on each table.

The fact that it is possibly Yangon’s only Filipino restaurant and its relatively low price may
compel you to visit, but its location in Yaw Min Gyi means there are plenty of other options
within a stone’s throw sure to deliver a satisfying meal.

Address: Bo Yar Nyunt St, Yaw Man Gyi Qtr, Dagon Tsp
Phone: +95 9 44122 2441


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