International art exhibition to show at Yangon’s Secretariat

The new art exhibition at the Secretariat. (Supplied)

A traveling art exhibition celebrating the diversity of Asia-Pacific will showcase at the historic Secretariat in Yangon in June.

Featuring South and Southeast Asian artists, A beast, a god and a line maps several epochs and weaves ideas and connections across the geography of the region.

Originally shown at the DHAKA Art Summit, the exhibition is curated by Cosmin Costinas and brought to Myanmar by TS.1 Yangon.

“We are delighted to host this unique exhibition as part of TS.1’s ongoing mission to bring an annual creative project to Yangon to encourage arts and cultural education and city’s engagement with the international community,” said TS.1 Yangon founder Ivan Pun.

Organizers of the exhibition are Para Site, Samdani Art Foundation, and Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw.

TS.1 Yangon director Nathalie Johnston added, “A beast, a god, and a line is a globally recognized curated exhibition with multiple institutional partners, and a great example of how Yangon and Myanmar as a whole can be drawn into bigger historical and geographical narratives within the art world of the Asia Pacific and South Asian region.”

A beast, a god, and a line shows from June 6-22 at the Pyinsa Rasa Art Space @The Secretariat.


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