Over the years Thingyan water festival in Yangon has become synonymous with blaring speakers mounted on rickety pavilions, or pandals. Yangon chief minister Phyo Min Thein wasn’t a fan of these, but the fact that scantily-clad teens were dancing wildly on top of them was in his eyes inappropriate.

Last year he was behind the notable absence of the for-profit pavilions. “We are ending the situation whereby parents are horrified by witnessing their daughters on the pavilions,” he told local news.

Authorities are reintroducing them this year, in an effort to lure tourists and keep residents in the city. Expect then the return of the modern Thingyan festival: severely drenched strangers on big stages lining Pyay Road. We’ve listed party places where you can join in the fun—a must-look for partygoers staying in Yangon over the holidays.

Thingyan Music Festival – TMF
One of the greatest water festival stages in Yangon, TMF was launched by H-Life Entertainment in 2014 and quickly soared to the top party pavilions in the city thanks to its lineup of international DJs. This time, TMF is back on Pyay Road, where it all began for the team, and headliners include Dutch-Turkish DJ Ummet Ozcan, Amsterdam-duo Yellow Claw, and internationally-renowned DJ Sophie Francis. All access tickets for the four days cost 200,000 kyats, while single-day tickets are also available: day one for 40,000 kyats, day two for 60,000 kyats, day three and four for 80,000 kyats.

Location: Pyay Road, Kamayut Township
Ticket hotline: 1876.
Ticket outlets: Buy tickets at Auto City “Car Spa & Accessories,” Balance Fitness I & II, FUSE, Ice Cream Bar, M2M, Momoko Bag and Shoes Spa, Roof Alchemy, and Vestige Cafe.

Blackjack Water Festival
Ever since pavilions were allowed on Yangon’s roads, Blackjack has been up there with the biggest stages. This Thingyan revelers celebrate its 11th anniversary with regular all-day passes for 60,000 kyats and VIP all-day passes for 100,000 kyats. Table and bottle services can be booked via 09 43174433.

Location: Pyay Road, Kamayut Township
Ticket hotline: 09 4317 4433
Ticket outlets: TRX – Room A2, No. 37, Einzaliphyo Condo, Hlaing Railway Station Road, between ABC Convenience Store and LaMin Electronic, Hlaing Township.

Barrack Water Festival
Barrack debuted on Kabar Aye Pagoda Road three years ago and made quite a splash. Now it returns with a packed line-up of local and international artists. Look out for the Barong Family, Double U, EMJ, S Logic, OU J, Biggy Wyne, Burmese Smash, Mike Haider, Roxa and more. Tickets cost 45,000 kyats for regular day access, hiked up to 90,000 kyats for VIPs.

Location: Pyay Road, Kamayut Township
Ticket hotline: 09 9777 74141, 09 4302 0145, 09 506 9595
Ticket outlet: Ssuni Myanmar branches and Gangnam Buffet.

Savage Water Festival
The VIBE and Yote Tay Entertainment bring you the first ever hip-hop music pavilion in Yangon. Tickets cost 50,000 kyats for regular day access and 90,000 kyats for VIPs. Table and bottle reservations are available. Artists lineup: J ME, MC YOUNG P.A, MD MOCHIO, Beasts, Mr. Y, Dj Master Dee and more.

Location: Pyay Road, Kamayut Township
Ticket hotline: 09 7996 38939
Ticket outlet: The VIBE – 31A Kanyeik Tha Street, Yankin Township

Exodus Myanmar Water Festival
Exodus celebrates it third anniversary with DJ performances from S Logic, Emj, KZ, Chacky, BG and more. Ticket prices are all days: 42,000 kyats, day one: 10,000 Kyats, day two: 15,000 kyats, day three: 20,000 kyats and day four: 25,000 kyats.

Location: Pyay Road, Kamayut Township
Ticket hotline: 09 4480 06296, 09 9660 2222

Underground: Revolution 2k18 Water Festival
DJs perform on a 150 foot x 40 foot panda that includes a dancing floor, buffet lunch, 100% UV ray protection roof, non-stop cooling shower system and disco lighting. The music goes back to the 2000s. All days access: 45,000 kyats, other prices available for particular days.

Location: Pyay Road, Kamayut Township
Ticket hotline: 09 2500 74851, 09 4443 93330, 09 9645 50655


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