Located along 499 Merchant Road, new wine bar Marco’s Cellar Fine Wines & Bistro opened its doors for the first time on Tuesday (March 13).

Its managing director, Mr. Teo Ching Wei Marco is the third generation of THC Singapore, which has been in the food and beverages industry for over 90 years.

Marco's Cellar, the newest wine bar in townGarnered with the experience of the Singapore team and with a joint venture with his local partners, they decided to open the first “No Frills” wine bar in Yangon that serves quality drinks and food for a reasonable price. It has a selection of close to 100 wine varieties, be it single estate wines or luxurious wines.

“The price range for our food is from 3,000 kyats to 29,000 kyats while our price for our drinks ranges from 25,000 kyats to 29,000 kyats,” said the 32-year-old Singaporean. “Being no frills means purchasing our wine is equivalent to purchasing from a supermarket, only with a service charge for the facilities not available at home”. 

Marco's Cellar, the newest wine bar in townWith the handpicked wines by their in house sommelier based in Singapore, Marco aims to provide our consumers with the type of environment they are not typically exposed to. He wanted to give them a proper experience where they can drink good wine, relax and enjoy Myanmar-European food.

“We try to incorporate fusion into our food; for instance, we have pork with mango pickles native to Mandalay. We ensure the freshness of our food by only local ingredients if possible.” Marco explained. “We are also very careful with the taste of our food as spices could potentially spoil the pallets for our drinkers.”

Next time you’re in the mood for a quality tipple—or even want somewhere new to dive into a new book—then Marco’s is definitely the place to go.

Address: No. 499, Merchant Road, Yangon

Opening Hours: 11am-11pm

Photos by Rasmus Steijner. 


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