Toast & Melt opened a few weeks ago on Bo Yar Nyunt Street and serves a variety of reasonably-priced toasted sandwiches. The casual little shop gets a lot right—brilliant location, nice and clean environment, great prices, and good ingredients. I hope the multitude of things it did get wrong on my visit were just teething problems. Yangon could do with more sandwich shops and this place showed real promise.

The first snag was that the shop had run out of baguettes, so the only option was sliced bread. The staff later realized they didn’t have enough of that and told me to wait for my final sandwich. A toastie shop that runs out of bread, twice, is not a good thing. The staff, however, were very amicable and I ordered five different sandwiches. All were priced between 1,700 and 2,900 kyats for a “half” option, which was two pieces of bread.

The Godfather.

The Godfather—with grilled beef, salami, bacon, cheese, and mayo—came first. I checked with the waiter whether it had in fact been grilled as there was no discernible golden crispiness on the surface of the bread. The bread was soft and fresh, the beef was very meaty and shredded easily, and the sauces were full of flavor. I’m not sure I could see, or tasted, any salami or cheese, however. And the helping of delicious beef was pretty stingy.

Scrimping on the filling was a fixture of all the sandwiches and I’m not sure I tasted the cheese in any of them. Perhaps after my remark to the waiter, however, they did start arriving with a healthier hue from more time on the grill. The spinach with cheese and bacon was a nice combination. As was the avocado with chicken and bacon. The pesto chicken had a bold pesto flavor but the lettuce inside appeared to be cooked which I didn’t like.

Spicy beef.

The winner—and worth the wait while they went around the corner to get more bread—was the spicy beef. More (though still not enough) of that grilled beef steak, a great crunchiness from the onions, and real kick from the spicy sauce and mustard.

As I said, all of the sandwiches left me wanting more for lack of filling, which was all the more frustrating as the ingredients used were very good. The coffee was also disappointing, a 3-in-1 sachet served in a paper cup that leaked. I will forgive Toast & Melt most of its sins on account of its youth and reasonable price and hope that it can make a couple of tweaks to serve some of the best sandwiches in Yangon by the time I next visit.

Address:28-B, Bo Yar Nyunt Rd, Yangon

Opening Hours: 8am-8pm

Phone: 09 44143 2723


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