On Wednesday we were wondering where to catch a clear view of the Super Blue Blood Moon. At Myanmar Plaza we couldn’t find the right spot, so we headed to Vista Bar, which is famous for its view of the Yangon skyline and the Shwedagon Pagoda.

The rooftop venue on Shwegondaing reopened in mid November after three months earlier for renovation. The Vista team has also updated their menu with signature dishes along with fresh and dope signature cocktails.

Myanmore asked bar manager Tun Tun Thet told Myanmore they offer “complimentary cocktails to every lady” on Wednesday night. On the night, the place was packed, as customers enjoyed an ASK bartender team “Flair Show”—which involved them flinging around bottles that were on fire.

ASK Bartenders Flair Show (Rasmus Steijner)

Tun Tun Thet added that they will soon announce times for a daily happy hour.

We were lucky enough to sample brand new cocktails not yet on the menu. First, we tried the Vista Legend, which has whisky, with soda, tamarind and passion juice—all the ingredients are mixed at the bar. It was quite nice, fresh, a little spicy and had a pleasant mixture of fruits. And I like the way they presented it, with a Chinese mythical legend-faced pot sporting a straw hat.

The next one was the Vista Rito—vodka mixed with celery leaves along with a thyme garnish, it’s sweet. They also made the celery juice at the place themselves. The other cocktail was the Vista Tiny, based on gin and tangerine thyme soda with orange juice—put together in a chemistry pot with something flowery.

Vista Tiny (Rasmus Steijner)

The last one was the colorful Vista Vision, a tequila infuse, mixed with pineapple juice, thyme syrup—made with the sugar, blue curacao, peppermint green, raspberries syrup with lime juice and with sprite top. The taste is fantastic, almost unbelievable! All the cocktails that I mentioned above are 6,500 kyats each for the fair price.

To appease the stomach, we tried the Caesar salad made with fresh homemade veggies and chicken along with boiled eggs. And the others were honey pork ribs BBQ with a signature sauce—a dish slightly modified from the old menu, and spaghetti Bolognese, which used vermicelli for a more rice-y taste. Along with the spaghetti, they offered their signature Thousands Islands Sauce with a secret recipe. All of the dishes are expected to be 6,000 kyats in the new menu.

Spaghetti Bolognese (Rasmus Steijner)

Heineken and Tiger draught and Myanmar beer for bottle only are available. The place itself has an amazing view of Yangon. Good for dates, gatherings and, oh wait, they have a sushi bar downstairs, Little Yankees—good for sushi hunters!


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