The fourth &Proud Yangon LGBT Film Festival takes place from Jan 27-Feb 4 at Thakin Mya Park and the French Institute.

Colors Rainbow, Abadi Art, and YG Events founded &Proud, a Yangon-based initiative that organizes cultural events for and about the LGBT community in Myanmar.

The festival celebrates and raises awareness for the LGBT community in Myanmar. This year’s theme is “Courage to Love,” emphasizing the importance of “accepting oneself for who one truly is, regardless of one’s sexual orientation.”

It will be celebrated with two weekends of films, debates, exhibitions, performances, and parties. As the newest addition to the list of preexisting activities, Drag Queen Olympics will be held this year as well.

See the festival details here:

&Proud Thakhin Mya Park

  • January 27 from 1pm– 10pm:

o   Games

o   Festival Opening

o   Performance of Phyu Phyu Kyaw Thein (5pm)

o   Evening feature film: ‘Anita’s Last Cha Cha’ (6pm)

  • January 28 from 1pm – 9pm:

o   Games, Drag Queen Olympics (4pm)

o   Evening feature film: ‘This Kind of Love’ (5:30pm)

o   Performances by Mary and Zun Wai Yan (7:30pm)

&PROUD French Institute

  • February 1 from 7:30pm – 10pm:

o   Festival opening night with new Myanmar films and performances

  • February 2 from 7pm – 11pm:

o   Films, discussions

o   Performances

o   Finals of lip-sync battles.

o   Evening feature film: The Substitute (Taiwan)

  • February 3 from 12pm – Midnight

o   Films

o   Panel discussion

o   FAB party with AR-T and drag performance by Kandy and Meantra from Bangkok.

o   Evening feature film: Die Beautiful (Philippines)

  • February 4, 12pm – 10pm:

o   Films

o   Discussion

o   Cabaret

o   Performances

o   Evening feature film: Front Cover (China/USA)

Find the latest updates about the festival at


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