Our roundup of some of the best apps to enhance your life in Myanmar. 

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Our roundup of some of the best apps to enhance your life in Myanmar.

Pali Dictionary

From a young age, Buddhists are required to recite mantras that initially sound like an alien language to them. But fear not—this app gives you access to all the definitions of Pali words that you can think of. And best of all, it’s free!





Playing truant won’t be so easy with this application from PNPT Private School in Naypyitaw. It gives parents access to their children’s attendance rates, application forms, grading and reports: anywhere, anytime. e-School informs parents about their children’s progress, including teachers’ comments. What a perfect way to connect with your children’s teachers!

Parents: 3,000 kyats per year

School: 850,000 kyats per year


One Note

This app helps you organize your ideas—perfect for team meetings, brainstorming projects and tracking key resources, keeping all the information in one place. You can scan handwritten notes, sort web clippings, draw mind maps, and more. Students can use it for note taking while teachers can use it to plan lessons. Works on your laptop as well as smart phone.




Myanmar Clipboard Dictionary

This clever app from MM Software Development is a helpful dictionary for both locals and expats in Myanmar. It provides Myanmar-English translation and English-Myanmar translation.  Improve your level of Myanmar/English language now!




Getting bored in your free time? Get this app right now! With iflix you can watch awards – winning shows and movies, popular TV series, and even toons for kids. English, Malay, Indonesian, Thai, Burmese, Vietnamese and Sinhala subtitles are available.



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