A new festival taking place in Shan State this month will celebrate the work of Myanmar and international photographers.

The first Shan State Photo Festival Taunggyi on December 22-23 will include historical exhibitions and photography competitions, with prizes such as Canon cameras for the winners.

Myanmar non-profit association PhotoDoc—which also organizes the yearly Yangon Photo Festival—is behind the event.

PhotoDoc held workshops training local media on the most efficient techniques of visual communication, media ethics, and the dangers of fake news and hate speech.

Each participant or group of two will produce a visual story about a local social issue, environmental preservation or cultural heritage.

The twelve short documentaries produced during each workshop will be featured in the festival.

Shan State chief minister Dr Linn Htut will open the festival on December 22 at Taunggyi’s Gymnasium, followed by a competition for the best Shan State photo-story.

A collection of photographs, taken by British officer James Henry Green in the remote parts of Burma during the world wars, will be exhibited at Aung San Park.

Another exhibition—Yangon Fashion 1979—offers an insight into the fashion of 1970s Burma by showcasing photos from Bellay Studio, which remains open and family-run to this day.

Some photo-stories by Myanmar and international photographers from the festival can be seen on www.facebook.com/myanstories.


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