Myanmar Fashion’s New Wave

The works of designer May Thinzar Theint

With Myanmar International Fashion Week upon us, Myanmore caught up with a number of the nation’s designers to get the inside scoop on how they design and what they will be showing this year.

May Thinzar Theint

May Thinzar Theint
May Thinzar Theint has been designing formal gowns and wedding dresses for the last 10 years. She believes the Myanmar public is particularly excited about this year’s fashion week as Myanmar’s designers have come of age.

“The designers involved are already famous, and very capable,” she told Myanmore. “People will be able to see a lot of different designs and I am looking forward to seeing how they react to my show.” May Thinzar Theint will be showcasing traditional Burmese-styled gowns as well as more western-inspired dresses at her show this year on Friday evening at nine. Her creations will be fashioned from traditional zinn mal silk in just three colors. Look out for the designer’s trademark blending of traditional Myanmar forms with spicy international influences.


This young designer has already made a name for himself by designing the dress worn by Miss Myanmar at the Miss World competition in 2016. This striking piece was a velvet creation draped in crystals and gems to form patterns of leaves, branches and birds.

The ambitious designer did not rest on his laurels after last year’s success. “I want to do more, I want to be able to make each dress more and more beautiful. I want to learn what needs to be improved and make my designs better with every next dress,” he told Myanmore.

He describes his creations as “hype fashion” and takes inspiration from the likes of Chun Chun, Nan Kamar and Ann Sai. At this year’s show, Shartra will be showcasing dresses made from lotus root fabric, sourced from Myanmar’s famous Inle Lake, complemented by velvet. Check out Shartra’s catwalk creations at 9pm on Saturday.

May Myat Waso 

May Myat Waso

This is the second time celebrated designer May Myat Waso has participated in John Lwin’s Myanmar International Fashion Week. “I modernize traditional dresses,” she told Myanmore. One of Myanmar’s biggest fashion stars, May Myat Waso has shown her work in over 30 local and three international fashion shows. She began designing in 2007 and recently opened a fashion school.

Her show this year, at 7pm on Saturday evening, will have three rounds: uniforms, followed by evening dresses, followed by traditional Myanmar dress. Some of the dresses she’s showcasing this year include custom-made art pieces. “People in Myanmar wear a lot of chite longyi, but they are not always suitable for events. So, in my most recent designs, I included some art in the designs,” she said.

May Myat Waso has a surprise in store for those attending her catwalk show. “I have put in some designs that can only be seen when the wearer is walking,” she told Myanmore, adding that the opening and the closing dresses are the most stylist in her collection. Thanks for the tip, May Myat Waso.

Mya Pwint Phyu

Ma Mya Pwint Phyu
Mya Pwint Phyu is pleased to be part of Myanmar’s “booming” fashion industry. She takes inspiration and encouragement from the number of international fashion brands entering the country and the number of capable local designers. “That’s why I’m proud to be in the Myanmar International Fashion Week 2017 show,” she told Myanmore. More and more people of this generation in Myanmar are interested in fashion, she said. “I believe this is the best time to reach international-level design status,” she added.

For her 2017 show, Mya Pwint Phyu has taken inspiration from the minds and the moods of the people and used stripes, wavy lines and bright, mixed colors in both her menswear and womenswear collections. According to Ma Mya Pwint Phyu, the stripes represent simplicity and an easier life, while the wavy lines show a harder life.

Ma Mya Pwint Phyu’s Myanmar traditional dresses, evening gowns, and tuxedoes and blazers for men show at 7pm on Sunday.


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