Pop singer Ah Moon offered lucky fans a chance to join her on a Hollywood tour at an intimate and exclusive gig in Yangon on Sunday evening.

The Kachin star was performing songs from her new album Very Dangerous at The Penthouse for fans who were picked from a draw run by mobile money app Ongo.

The crowd were given signed copies of Ah Moon’s latest record and took selfies with the singer after her one-off unplugged concert. The production for her last album Automatic took place in Los Angeles, but she has based most of the making of her latest record in her home country.

“The vibe is going to be a little different,” Ah Moon told Myanmore. “I put more of the songs with the band in this album, but it still has pop songs which electronic, too.”

Excited about the chance to take a couple of fans on tour, she added, “A trip with me to Hollywood: I think it will be insanely incredible for them. They will be really thrilled. They will be spending a week with me, a week of touring Hollywood. We are going to go crazy. I’m going to take them to all the places.”

Attendees increased their chances of winning tickets to the show by trying one of Ongo’s features – such as cashing in, mobile top-ups and e-money transfers to others.

The Hollywood trip offer is available to users of the app, as Ongo CEO Allen Gilstrap explained, “All people have to do to be in with a chance of winning the prize of a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Hollywood with the fantastic Ah Moon is download the Ongo app, activate your account and start unlocking your rewards.

“Ongo is a digital payment service which is fast, safe and a convenient way to pay and receive money. You can easily manage your account with the mobile app. The more you use Ongo, the higher the chance you win.”


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