The exclusive epicurean menu at Sushi Tei sees the specialties in its ingredients to warm you up in this chilly season.

Total 20 menu have been delicately selected for the restaurant’s first seasonal menu.

The varieties of the menu ranges from sashimi, sushi, rolls, salad, teppanyaki, ramen, don and nabe.

We have first munched on “Unagi Kiwi Roll” which is eel and cucumber sushi roll topped with Kiwi (9,900 ks). The kiwi gives a pleasant addition to the taste of the roll. Though we may not prefer the cucumber in our sushi, this one does not have a strong cucumber taste which brings out the taste of the eel.

This second dish is highly recommended, as it’s only seasonal, which is “Tako Wasabi” or raw octopus with wasabi (4,900 ks). For those who are not a big fan of wasabi, fear not, tako wasabi will not make you shed a tear. It ,in fact, perfectly blends well with raw octopus.

Next on the line is the highlight of the meal  “Tan Tan Nabe,” traditional Sumo Hot Pot in Sichaun style. As the name suggests, it is a hot pot with specially made Sichaun vegetable and soup that comes with a bit of spice to suit with local taste bud. This portion is generous enough that you can share with 2-3 people. Drink some warm soup amidst the cool weather is definitely a must for winter.

Deep fried fan will be excited with Golden soft shell crab (12,500 ks), deep fried soft shell crab with salted egg sauce. The trick to eating this one is one must eat as soon as it’s served.

Last but  not least, another special item on the menu is Sanma Shio/Teriyaki, grilled pacific saury with salt or teriyaki sauce (7,500 ks). It may look like saba fish (grilled mackerel) but the taste is slightly different.

To top the experience, we ended with sake jelly (12,000 ks), leaving sweet and refreshing feel.

Address: 126 Dhamazedi Road Yangon

Phone: 09 44411 5662

Opening hours: 10:00AM – 10:00PM



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