Thailand’s leading private hospital Bumrungrad Hospital has recently opened its first clinic in Yangon to facilitate the growing number of Myanmar patients, flying to Bangkok for medical check-up.

MYANMORE talks to Dr. Kirada Thirawattanakul, Preventive Medicine Doctor and Dr, Pattaraporn Pisuttiwong, Radiologist from Bumrungrad Clinic in Yangon on their expansion and future plan in Myanmar.

1Q: What opportunity does Bumrungrad see that leads to the opening of Yangon clinic?

A: Nowadays, the majority of the patients in Bumrungrad is Myanmar. We think it’s better to provide the services near the patients so that the patients do not need to travel especially for primary care and basic check up. Not only for the new patients, we can also follow up with our current patients here such as for blood test or ultrasound.


2Q: Will there be any Thai doctors stationed in Yangon clinic?

A:  There will be 4 Thai doctors for rotation–2 at a time. One is a preventive medicine doctor and another one is a radiologist.


3Q: What kind of services does Bumrungrad Yangon Clinic provide here?

A: At first, we provide general medical checkup for every age and gender along with doctor consultation. Another service is the primary care clinic for any illness and disease as well as primary prevention such as vaccination for children and adults.


4Q: What type of medical machines/equipment did Bumrungrad bring into the clinic?

A: Currently, we have two ultrasound machines, X-Ray machine, and mammogram machine which are the latest version in Southeast Asia, aiming to reduce the radiation and increase comfortability for patients. In a few months, we will have bone density machine to measure the density of the bones. Moreover, we have our own laboratory for complete blood count, urine exam, blood test for viral hepatitis A and B and screening of many tests.


6Q: How do you think the opening of Bumrungrad clinic will help contribute to the development of healthcare sector of Myanmar?

A: Nowadays, people may lack the knowledge on how to take care of themselves. Being here, we hope to inform medical knowledge through consultation and the information on the prevention of the diseases  to the local people and help people in terms of providing complete primary diagnosis/treatment for patients. Moreover, for Bumrungrad, our service comes as our priority. We hope to set the standard of facilities offered and services provided. The local hospitals can learn from us by providing better service to their patients.


7Q: Who are currently the patients at the clinic?

A: The majority of the patients is Myanmar. Around 50% of them are patients of Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok as well as their relatives. We also receive new expat patients who now live and work in Yangon.


8Q: What are the common health problems that you see in Myanmar patients?

A: The health problems are similar to Thai patients. The most common problem is upper respiratory tract infection, commonly found in both adults and children especially in this rainy season. The second one is office syndrome related problems. The third problem is chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, and genetic diseases.


9Q: What would be your advice to avoid these common problems?

A: For upper respiratory tract infection, the most important prevention is hygiene–hand and food  hygiene. Wash your hands frequently. Wear mask when you go out to public place. For chronic diseases, we provide not only treatment, we provide the screening of the diseases and consultation on lifestyle changing.

10Q: What would be the plan for expansion for Bumrungrad Clinic in Yangon?

A: We have some plan to expand in the future.At present, we are expanding in terms of bringing more machines, providing more lab tests, drugs, and vaccines. Our focus, at the moment, is on giving primary care and referring to Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok for admission.

Address: No.77 Pyidaungsu Yeiktha Road, Dagon Tsp., Yangon

Tel: 01-2302420-3  Hotline : 09782302424


  1. Are you still in Pyidaungsu Yeiktha Road now ?
    Is there radiologist from Thailand now ?
    Can you give surgery treatment for Appendicitis ?


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