On the ground floor of Urban Asia Center, Jin Hotpot joins the growing trend of restaurants and bars in the building. To make it easier for you to locate, it’s only a bit further down from the popular 7th joint bar on 47th street.

Decorated in modern setting with yellow lighting, giving warm feeling, one side of the wall is painted with waterfall image. We might be familiar of hotpot as a sharing meal, but at Jin Hotpot, each person will get one’s own individual pot and a normal and USB sockets to charge your phone while having hotpot.

The menu is divided into main set, soup base, rice and noodle, vegetable, meat, and ingredients of hotpot. Do not be confused by it. If you order the meat set menu (from 11,800 for premium pork – 18,800 ks for seafood), in which you can order only one type of meat, the set comes with a vegetable plate, one type of soup, and a choice of rice or noodle without having to pay extra.

Selected Shaoxing Chicken Set

The set is suitable for one person. If you would like to share, there will be an extra charge of 4,000 ks/person.

For the first timer, we would like to recommend the premium pork set or rib eyes beef set for the meat with pork broth that will turn to be sweet once cooked. For the rice, you should try Taiwan Pork Rice, which is sautéed minced-pork in sweet sauce on top of rice.

Asides from the set, each order will get a small fried chicken served with chicken powder as a complimentary dish along with three kind of marinated sour vegetable as a side dish.

The main factor that sets Jin Hotpot from others is the varieties of fresh sauce. The star, for us, is the fresh sauce—Asian style, mixture of flavors with sour taste lead. The second favorite for us is the Thai style sauce, but if you prefer the simple ones, they also have soy sauce and vinegar.

For the drinks, Jin offers three unlimited drinks: water, sunflower juice, and punch. They will also serve you with infused water.

After the meal, we were served with 3 slices of lime coated with sugar as a dessert to help with your digestive system.

Lime Coated with Sugar

Address: G16-17, Asia Business Center, Maha Bandula Road (Between 47th and 48th Street), Yangon 11161

Phone: 09961646779

Opening hours: 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.






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