Boat Noodle : Are you up for stack up challenge?

If you’re a Thai Food enthusiast or just in the mood for some Thai, you’re in luck. Boat Noodle Myanmar, opened in late October, on the ground floor of Dagon Center brings you the famous boat noodle dish along with other Thai favorites to Yangon.

The atmosphere gives a youthful, lively but also chill feeling. There is an open kitchen from which you can see your orders being prepared. To reflect the cool and upbeat vibe, cool graffiti paintings by talented local artist Arker Kyaw and team are painted on each wall which are best for your Instagram photos.

As the name suggests, the highlight of the shop is Pathumthani Boat Noodle (720 ks), one of the most popular street dishes in Thailand. Pathumthani is a province on the suburb of Bangkok and is famous for this dish. The boat noodle comes in two options; with chicken or pork and two types of noodles to choose from; rice noodle or egg noodle. Don’t be surprised by the small portion, as the idea of eating boat noodle is that you have to stack up the bowl as high as possible. You can make a little competition with your friends on who can eat the most. Up for challenge, anyone?

We also went on to try Som Tum (2,400 Ks), which was a papaya salad. Fear not, Som Tum here is packed with flavors but not too spicy to bear. To accompany the Som Tum, we could not help but order Lab Mo (2,500 Ks) –minced pork salad. You also have the option of Lab Kai—minced chicken salad with the same price. The color of the dish was like spring came early. It was tasteful and easy to consume.

It would not be complete for Thai street food tour without trying Kra Pow Rice (Pork or Chicken) for 3,500 ks. There’s a saying in Thai that if you don’t know what to eat, go for Kra Pow Rice. The pork or chicken is cooked with basil in thick oyster sauce, perfect to go with rice.

If you’re feeling thirsty, try Cha Yen (Thai Iced Tea) (2,500 ks). It’s not too sweet and full of tea flavor and end the meal with either Sangkaya Steamed Bread (2,200 ks) or Ka Nam Tuay (1pc /300ks) for desserts.

Boat Noodle is certainly a new hangout place with decent food and reasonable prices for social media generation.

Address: Dagon Centre I, Yangon

Open Hours: 10am to 10pm, Everyday



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