Possibly the best location for an open-air bar has opened. After 8 Shot & Cocktail Bar, created by Chan Nyein Soe, who’s also behind award-winning Roof Alchemy, Molecular Cocktail Bar, is located in a large open space with a view right over Inya Lake and nestled among other trendy bars and restaurants on the fourth floor of Myanmar Plaza.

“There have been people who say that it’s like an adult candy shop. It’s basically a guilty pleasure bar,” said Jarl de Vries, Cocktail Professor behind the cocktail creations at After 8.

The extensive and fun shot menu is entertaining before you even order a drink: Devil’s Son, Tomb of God, Walking Death and Stocking Tear to name a few of the less inappropriate. Another menu boasts a selection of delicious gins and there is a decent wine selection but the main event is the cocktail menu. Inspired by ‘guilty pleasures’ cocktails with names such as ‘Fast Food After Gym,’ ‘Oops I Dropped my Icecream,’ ‘Big Bananas’ and ‘I Like it Rough’ induce giggles all round.

Jarl de Vries, Cocktail Professor, Chan Nyein Soe, and Myint Zu Phoo, the owners of After 8 and Roof Alchemy at the opening event of After 8

“We have cocktails in a disco ball, a glass bird, a dinosaur so it’s pretty crazy. It’s all about having fun and not taking ourselves too seriously.”

Jokes aside though, the cocktails are really delicious. ‘Feel Cool with Old Skool’ is a smooth chocolate indulgence served in a dinosaur-shaped porcelain cup. It has a good kick of coffee, bourbon and a menthol liquer and a pile of M&Ms on top. Being presented with a ‘Beauty and the Beast’ cocktail I thought I was getting a bowl of popcorn, but no- there is a straw and it does connect to a wonderful combination of gin sour style cocktail with a great caramel smoothness. *Spoiler* Carmel popcorn is really good on a gin-based caramel drink.

creative cocktail creations at After 8

“Myanmar really needed this place. It’s very relaxed and very chill. No EDM but lots of funky and groovy house mixed with some fun elements. It’s all about the fun.”

The bar itself plays fun and easy music and the interiors are modern and slick but very comfortable. The prices are fair considering the experience – cocktails are K7-8,000. Come 7pm the bar is filling up with cool, young Myanmar folk. The food prices are very fair too but you don’t come here for that.

Check out the gallery of After 8 Grand Opening here.

Address: 4th Floor, Myanmar Plaza, Corner of No.1 Industrial Road and Kabar Aye Pagoda Road, Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar

Phone: 09 502 0073

Opening hours: 5pm -2 am


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