Tuesday, January 28, 2020

RVC : Strive to Dance

Every evening or weekend under Myaynigone flyover in front of Dagon center or under Hledan flyover, it is common to see a lot of teenagers doing activities together- some play sports, some study, others dance.

We have seen a growing number of Myanmar young generation looking for forms to express themselves and one of which is through dancing.

MYANMORE catches up with one of the rising street dance crew in Myanmar “RVC” to hear more on their journey.

Q: What made you decide that you want to become dancers?

A: First, it started of as a hobby. After we finished school, we were supposed to get proper job, but we found ourselves still dancing and sharing our passion with others around us. That’s when we realized we wanted to pursue a career as dancers.

Q: How did you learn all the dance moves?

A: When we started, there were very few dance teachers. Back then, street dance was not what most dancers focused on. So, we had a hard time finding teachers in this country. We mostly learned from YouTube videos and got inspirations from a lot of other dancers before we could afford to travel overseas and attend workshops.

Q: How did you form RVC group?

A: We were actually from two different crews before RVC. After shooting a movie together and working so many hours together for choreography for that movie, we realized our style and passion for dance are similar. That’s when we decided we would form a new crew that is different from other crews in terms of dance.

Q: How long have you guys been together as RVC group?

A: We have been together as RVC group for around 6 months. But  our members have had years of experience.

Q: What type of dance does RVC perform?

A: We mainly focus on street dance. But, we are flexible with other dance styles and performances too.

Q: How often do you come together for practice and where do you usually practice?

A: We don’t have a scheduled training because most of us also teach and the events come at most unexpected times. But roughly, we meet up 4 or 5 times a week at a dance studio in Sangchaung.

Q: Have you faced any challenges in being a dancer in Myanmar? How did you overcome it?

A: Yes, of course. Many people still deem dancing as a hobby not a profession. We beg to differ. For us, it’s a lifestyle and a profession. We put a lot of work into each choreography we create and when we perform in front of people, the applause and the cheering from the audience is what got us through the challenges.

Q: The meaning of dancer life to you guys?

A: As cheesy as it may sound, we would not feel alive as we are now if we were doing any other jobs. As a crew, we practice together, get hurt together, perform and travel together and find ourselves through our dance.

Q: Which dancers do you look up to?

A: A lot of dancers from the US and Japan.

Q: What is the ultimate goal of your dance group?

A: We want to express ourselves with our performances to as many people as possible. All of us have been to overseas battles and competitions and we were able to show them that as Myanmar dancers, we have our own flavors and style too. We want to keep doing just that. Keep on dancing, going overseas, exchange dance knowledge and style.


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