Welcome to the traveling season of the year! To prep you to be fully equipped while traveling in Myanmar, our team has chosen our favorite items we cannot travel without.

1Wet Tissue

It is a number one must-have item when going on a trip in Myanmar as you will have to take off your shoes when entering religion sites. You can use wet tissue to clean off your feet before putting on your shoes and hop off to the next station. It also allows you to freshen up no matter where you are. Due to the compact pack size, you can easily store them in your hand luggage to give you instant refreshment whenever you need it. Most importantly, you can also use them wipe down toilet seats before using it. Nowadays, people also bring along hand-gels for better cleanse.

2Portable Power Bank

This is one of the very essential stuff you should not miss. Some may say that his/her phone can last for a day without power bank, but apart from charging your phone, you can use it to charge LED lights or portable fan – just in case you face some blackout in the rural area of the country. If you want to use it to charge your phone, don’t forget to bring along the cable charger.


3Mosquito Repellent

Not only for vaccinations, and medication, you should also consider a mosquito repellent for your trip to comfort your sleep. Mosquito repellent  keeps mosquitoes and other insects away from you while you sleep and travel.


4Mini lens & Selfie stick

Well, who else doesn’t want to take photos while on a vacation? To take a variety of angled photos, you will need lens but if you can’t afford the expensive real tools. Here is your solution. There are mini lens as fisheye, micro lens, and selfie sticks available at franchised stores like MINISO or MGOU or local phone accessories places. Be noted that some tourist sites may charge you for camera fee. Check before you bring out your camera or your phone.

5Sun Cream with SPF, Sunglasses & Hat

Everyone needs these stuff even during the  winter season to make sure your skin is not burnt after the trip. Though it may be winter at this time, you can still expect bright shiny sun in Myanmar.


6Deodorant or Roll-on

It may get sweaty at times during your trip. It would be better to keep your smell clean and fresh with deodorant and roll-on. It shows that you take care of your personal hygiene.


If you are going for hiking or adventure, backpack is an essential thing you don’t want to forget. You can put some items such as a torch, whistle, extra water and food, or may be a map or compass, first aid kit or tools for your hiking.

8Mini First Aid Kit

This is not the most-needed item but it would be great to have, especially if you are traveling to remote areas. You can put bandages, alcohol wipes, gauze pads, a couple small packs of Benadryl, antibiotic ointment, a small packs of Aspirin or Tylenol and gloves. But my advice is to choose the smallest size so that it wouldn’t take much space in your luggage.

All the above mentioned items and stuff can be easily bought at department stores and supermarkets that are close to your place. Moreover, there are many stores such as MINISO, MGOU and similar accessories shops opening up in every areas of Yangon, so you just need to explore where they are.


Happy Travel Everyone !!!


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