HEINEKEN Myanmar introduces Tiger Crystal Beer, Myanmar’s Very First Crystal Beer at Eclipse Bar & Restaurant.

Tiger Crystal is a new lager beer produced by Tiger Beer with 4.5 alcohol percentages. Differ from other beers, Tiger Crystal gives you a refreshment with sharp taste and cleanses along with a transparent bottle.

Leen De Schutter, Head of Marketing from HEINEKEN Myanmar sees the opportunity for Heineken in introducing new beer. She notes that in Myanmar, beer consumption is still very low. Myanmar people drinks on average 6 litre of beer per year. In Vietnam, it’s 40. Heineken believes that there’s still huge opportunity for us in Myanmar beer market.

“We believe by launching Tiger Crystal will help the beer market in Myanmar to grow and people in Myanmar to experience a new beer and to have something else they can drink on behalf of other top beers in Myanmar,” said Leen.

Tiger Crystal is brewed by using exclusive hops. For those who love great beers, Tiger Crystal is filtered at minus one degree celsius to get an exclusive taste and cool fragrance. Tiger Crystal is fresh and it gives refreshment and cool taste to the consumers and it is also one of the lowest alcohol percentage beers in in Myanmar.

HEINEKEN’s Brand Manager Ko San Mai explains that the product is now available in leading supermarkets, bars and restaurants and people can drink during day time to satisfy the craving because of its sharp and sparkling taste.


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