Beauty and skin care clinics are popping up all over the city.  With a full range of menus, the teams have little indulgences to accommodate any pocket book or wish list. I visited three leading clinics to consult with their specialists and uncover their tips.  They each have their own niche in the market and freely chatted about the most popular procedures in their offices.


Le Clinique De Skin

“Your Skin, Reborn”

This UK-trained dermatologist team has two well-appointed offices in Hlaing Township and Lanmadaw Township.  Not just an aesthetic clinic, Le Clinique de Skin is a distinguished medical clinic of international standards, treating such serious conditions as psoriasis, eczema, and vitiligo.   A full array of beauty treatments such as tattoo removal, chemical peeling, periorbital rejuvenation (for tired eyes), and leg shaping are also available.

The staff sees a lot of skin care missteps during this overcast time, namely, not wearing sunscreen. Another biggie is using harsh toners with alcohol, as pores are more open and prone to damage during the downpour.  The doctors have produced two lines of products, one pharmaceutical and one cosmeceutical, all lab-tested in South Korea.   These must be applied in the right order, though.  “Thinner consistency before thicker consistency,” Dr. Su advises.

Der Celebrity Clinic

“Safety First”

Dr. Khant, a former doctor at Yankin Children’s Hospital with Thai training, offers a wide range of facial treatments at his location in Bahan Township, from non-invasive facial rejuvenation treatments to derma rollers that heal old scars, contouring fillers, and Botox, the “lunch time face lift.”  An expert on thread lifting, Dr. Khant offers long and short thread pieces, at 15,000 kyats and 150,000 kyats per piece, respectively.

I underwent the Aloe Rejuvenation, a non-invasive procedure of medical gels that brightened my skin and repaired past sun damage.  My skin was toned and noticeably dewier afterwards, and I glowed confidently enough to attend an appointment later that day sans makeup. The price is right at 50,000 kyats, perfect for a regular splurge.

Dr. Khant is most concerned with the safety of clients. He gave some sound advice for anyone seeking aesthetic treatment in Yangon: “Ask about the origin of the products, experience of the doctor, and ask about customer feedback/checkup programs.”  He continues, “I want everybody to be happy, not only with aesthetics, but with their daily life.  I want to help people in general.”


Dr. Parinya Clinic

“Best service, Best Results, Zero Complaints”  

With clinics in Dubai, Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar, as well as 30 years in the industry, Dr. Parinya is a well-known authority in the weight loss and aesthetic clinic sector. Everything’s on offer, from weight loss treatments, skin whitening, fillers, mole removal, Botox, hair growth programs, and pore reduction.    To continue care at home, Dr. Parinya has created his own line of daily products, from cleansing and whitening products to collagen boosters. Here, non-invasive treatments start at 30,000 kyats and treatments such as lip fillers start at 500,000 kyats per cc.

Dr. Parinya consulted me on my new creases, suggesting a quick filling treatment every three months for my newly-formed smile lines, brow line, and crow’s feet.  A longer-lasting option would be Botox, which would last about six months per treatment.

With the three clinics I dropped in on, here are two clinics in Yangon worth mentioning:


Laser Face Clinic

“The First Laser Clinic in Myanmar”

Located in Myangone Township, this clinic specializes in laser treatments for the whole body. Be it acne scars, stretchmarks, tattoos, or unwanted hair growth, Laser Face Clinic has a laser treatment plan for it.   Other aesthetic offerings include dimple creation surgery, whitening treatments, Botox, augmentations & fillers, and weight loss programs.

Oracle Clinic Myanmar, Dr. Rejuvè

“A One-Stop Total Solution”

Oracle Clinic is the #1 Dermatology Franchise in Korea, with branches in China, Hong Kong, Japan, The Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and just recently, on Bogyoke St. in Yangon.  They offer the popular “Aladdin Peel,” a chemical and laser free pore cleansing procedure for just 50,000 kyats per treatment.  Along with the popular V-Lift and Botox, Oracle Clinic also offers tattoo removal.

Story & Photo : Brittney Tun and Ye Myat Tun (YMT Photography)

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